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Attendance Management System: Need of the Hour for any Business!!

In this era, businesses grow exponentially; we see startups around us transforming into small, medium and powerful enterprises, and to meet this surge in operations, more and more people are hired. We all are aware of the attendance register that has been there since the good old days, wherein employees mark their attendance on a ledger or a book.

Empower your HR!

Being an organization what’s your most vital asset? Of course your employees or you can say human resources. Whether it’s training, hiring, recruiting, onboarding, providing benefits, the most challenging thing is to plan human resources.

Employee Retention with Minimal Expenditure

When you say that you have recruited the right set of people for your business, truth is, only half the battle is won. Retaining these top talents is equally important as well, if you overlook employee retention, then you might be driving your business to failure.

Ways to Deal with The HR Challenges

Earlier human resource management was considered just another conventional administrative jobs. But today it has evolved as a strategic function to plan human resource needs, meet organizational goals, improve working environment and to strike a balance between employers and employees in order to increase productivity.

Indian Payroll Scenario

The increasing startup communities in India are expanding to the horizon and with growth comes the additional responsibilities towards their employees. For the company to grow in multitude it is imperative that its employees get paid on time and efficiently. Calculating payroll manually is not an easy task,

Statutory Compliances of Indian Payroll System

In India, there are plethora of statutory requirements that small and large businesses are ought to adhere to for keeping away from any legal complexities. If any company fails to abide by the required statutory compliances, they might incur heavy penalties. Worst case, it can cost their entire business.

Time to Switch to a Cloud-based Payroll Software!

In this day and age, ‘Cloud’ is a step ahead to look forward to. Being a future ready organization it becomes imperative that you are in sync with the latest changes happening in this tech savvy eco-system, and hence it becomes essential to switch to a state-of-the-art cloud payroll software that will help enable immense benefits like improved flexibility, increased efficiency, cost-effectivity.

Best Investment Options to Save Your Taxes This Year

Believe it or not, but for most of us, tax planning is a let’s-do-it-later affair. Almost everyone has a tendency to plan for investing in tax saving instruments only when the financial year is about to end. Thus there is no much room left for a prudent investment planning. A smarter approach is to start investing in the early quarters of the financial year,

Tax Saving Tips for Salaried Employees, 2017

Taxes are undeniably great, but for those with loads of responsibilities, taxes are a toll! So, do you think you are paying extra taxes? If yes, and want to curtail them then you need to go for proper tax planning. There are several ways in which we can save our taxes but one important thing is that there are several things that we do are actually tax-free.

Attendance Management System : HR’s Best Buddy

Don’t you think being an organization, keeping track of the attendance time of your hundreds or thousands of employees is a time consuming task? Yes it is! When an organization performs this task manually they have to not only keep a track of how many hours their employees worked, but also need to allocate the time appropriately.

Why Training Employees Is Obligatory?

Let’s start this way! Suppose you are given a choice between two pilots, one is ‘trained’ and the other ‘untrained’, which one would you choose? Obviously the ‘trained’ one, the same applies to organizations too. Organizations look for qualified employees but when it comes to training their own few don’t feel the importance.

Why to Offer Added Benefits to Your Employees?

Employees are considered as the “soul” of any great business, also leaders and key employees are essential for a long term success. Once you have well performing team in place, it’s a huge blow to lose any of those vital employees.