Empower HR

  PayWheel minimizes manual efforts and increases efficiency, empower your HR to process monthly payroll in just minutes.

Empower Employees

  Automate the applications for leave, attendance, loans & advances with system notifications and all things that matter to your employees’.

Empower Management

  Generate MIS reports such as pay register, employee details etc., at any given time to help the management analyze the finer details.

Complete Payroll Automation

Leave Management

With leave automation, employees can view leave balances and apply for leaves with ease. With multi-level supervisor approvals and automated email alerts, managing leave does not get any easier than this. Read More>>

Time and Attendance

Define work hour timings and sync up with any biometric device. Paywheel keeps a track of the punch timings of your employees and notifies supervisors and HR whenever they fall short of the stipulated hours. Read More>>

Statutory Compliance

Manage all statutory compliances including ESI Act, PF Act, PT Act and IT Act. Generate reports such as Form 16, 24Q, 12 BA, 1, 5, 5A, PF monthly report, PF arrears reports, and ESI monthly report. Read More>>

Payroll Processing

Process payroll with ease having the flexibility to define salary components according to your organization policies and customize those components using formulas. Configure them once and you are ready to go! Read More>>

Other Features

System Generated Email Notifications

All updates, approval and rejection of leaves, reimbursements, attendance conflicts, claims and loan approvals will be notified through email. This is customisable as need be.

Claims and Reimbursements

Define claims limit and let your employees apply for their claims and reimbursements by uploading their bills, and the HR can approve and reject these claims effortlessly.Read More>>

Loans and Advancements

Facilitate loans & advances along with details like duration of loan, EMI Calculation, Interest rate etc. PayWheel facilitates deduction of loan repayment through EMI from salary. Read More>>

Employee Data Management

Access all the employee data in one place. Store all employees documents, link PF, ESI & integrate salary accounts to facilitate easy reporting of consolidated data. Read More>>

System Generated Payslips

Generate customisable and password protected payslips based on the salary structure and tax computations. Payslips can be shared via email or through the dedicated portal. Read More>>

Role Based Access

Define and assign access to all your users. Admin, HR, managers, and employees have feature visibility based on their respective job functions and responsibilities. Read More>>

Exit Management

Upon the resignation of an employee, all dues, earnings, and gratuity will be computed automatically to complete the full and final settlement process.

Bio-metric Integration

Integrate bio-metric data such as .mdb or .xls, from any device and populate the data fields to enable the generation of a wide range of attendance reports.

Multi Company Support

PayWheel provides multi company support, enabling the payroll for all group companies via a centralised corporate HR team and thus making the vast data easy to handle.

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