Experience the magic of faster payroll processing

PayWheel offers an amalgam of unrivaled features along with an ease to avail them for simplified payroll operations. Reduce errors in processing payroll, save time in calculating compliance and be more efficient as an HR or accounts professional.

Diverging Features of PayWheel- an integrated web based payroll software

We bet that the ensuing outcomes of implementing PayWheel as a solution to look for ace employee payroll software and Salary Management Software you would regret not being using it so far.

Cloud based solution

Enjoy the freedom to choose the features that you need the most and pay as you use with economical SaaS pricing model. Cloud based solution allows for the convenience of automatic updates, security of data, mobility etc. Read More >>


Leave Management

PayWheel helps maintain a transparent leave policy within the organization and among the employees. It justifies the type of leave taken through a planned approach of applying, requesting, sanctioning and tracking it. Read More >>


Employee Self-Service

PayWheel, labeled as one of the topmost employee self-service software in India which empowers thousands of employees across country through facilities like pay-slips, loans & advances, Income Tax declarations, claims and more. Read More >>

Payroll and Salary Processing

PayWheel, a renowned payroll and salary management software concludes the payroll process in a single-click, limiting it to just few minutes. Calculating statutory compliance’s easily and accurately is the strength of this unique computerized payroll system. Read More >>

Loans and Advances

PayWheel as a flexible, scalable salary and payroll software grants employees to request for loans (or advances) plus permits HR/ accountants to trace their applications. Organization employing PayWheel can manage their outflow of cash readily.                            Read More >>

Online Software for Statutory Compliance

Payroll” is a daunting task for any organization as it involves everything starting from entering data of new joiners, updating leave records and dispensing salaries and approval of timesheets after making non-statutory and statutory deductions. Read More>>


Time and Attendance Management

PayWheel befits as employee attendance software that integrates with devices and other attendance management programs for keeping precise records of employees’ incoming and outgoing timings, hours of working in a day and week etc. Read More >>


Employee Data Management

PayWheel is considered as an able and proficient employee Salary Management Software that archives all the personal and official details of employees at a single place. No duplicate entries, no data redundancy and absolutely no errors. Read More >>

System generated Pay-slips

PayWheel turns into a superior salary management software that licenses employees to generate, email and print pay-slips of current/ previous months without any manipulations and mistakes. The pay-slips are generated by system in blink of eyes. Read More >>

Claims and Reimbursements

PayWheel allows employees to apply for claims like medical insurance and reimbursements like travel allowance or phone bills directly to the concerned department. Even the HRs can process these appeals at the earliest ensuring convenience through this element. Read More >>

Ideal Software for Small Business

Do you think running a small business is a walk in the park? If yes, then think again. When you run a small business, you need to take care of everything right from the back office operations to success of sales force. Read More>>

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