Employee Absenteeism

Employee absenteeism is undeniable at all workplaces but it can become a key concern for managers and organizations if it becomes too evident. When absenteeism is an outcome of genuine reasons, it is granted, but otherwise, it can be a worry. Repeated unexcused absence, particularly by a few individuals needs to be controlled strategically.

Absenteeism results in lowered productivity and increased work load. It may be caused due to ample of reasons like- stress, low esteem, no/ less appreciation, job searching etc. Employee absenteeism beyond confines should be restricted and following are 4 tips for dealing with employee absenteeism-

  • Finding the root cause and giving employees a chance to state their reasons

If you observe a reiterating pattern of absence from any employee then it is time to follow your gut instincts and know the reason for such acts. If you are repeatedly not being informed in advance for the absence and are not given valid explanations for the same, it is an alarm for you to take actions. But before that, give them a chance to state their excuse in a face to face discussion. If required, give them oral reprimands and convey the disciplinary actions as a result of similar activities.

Keeping a track of attendance and leaves is a wise idea. Extensive employee attendance software like PayWheel can help keep the incoming and outgoing records. On the other hand, in case of absence leaves can be applied online, giving managers’ intimation and awaiting their approval/ rejection upon valid statements.

  • Stating the leave policy to every employee in written

Though a written leave policy will not prevent employees to take leave but it will give a clear indication on how many casual/ sick or other type of leaves an employee is eligible for and/ or otherwise consequences may follow.

If the company uses HR and payroll software, then the leave policy and other supporting documents can be uploaded in it for employees to access anytime and be aware about the paid/ unpaid leave structure.

  • Rewarding employees for their attendance and steady presence

Employee Absenteeism cannot be guaranteed to stop but can be controlled through initiatives like flexible work timings, project completion bonuses, wellness programs etc. By this means, employees are liberated to manage their work and personal life in a right way. It conveys a message of being important to business and directly values their efforts.

Perks, perquisites and bonuses can be mapped/ defined in employee payroll software and thus managed conveniently without disrupting the routine workflow of business operations.

  • Taking strict action against the offenders

While good examples are rewarded, employees who repeat the undesirable acts of absenteeism must be punished or terminated (as required). Take necessary actions as per your company’s HR policy to make attendance a critical disciplinary factor in employee payroll.

On using comprehensive payroll solutions, all actions like onboarding, employee management, resignation and retirement, salary management etc. can be handled with ease. Any terminations or other such actions can be seamlessly dealt with in such payroll software.

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