Employee Self Service

Employee Self Service in payroll software is a feature that empowers employees to manage their personal/ professional information easily and safely. This information includes contact details, salary and bank account details etc. This feature is gaining immense popularity among employees as it can perform operations like applying for leave, download pay-slips, request for loans etc. online, without being physically present before the HR and wait for their approval/ rejection.

These 5 reasons make ESS highly valued and appreciated by the employees-

  1. Extensive Dashboard

Browsing relevant information from a mine of data can be tedious and time-consuming. Employee Self Service concept encourages featuring all information related to salary, pay-slips, leaves, attendance and others at a single place. This nutshell of data called the dashboard gives access to information in seconds, with every detail.

  1. Online Claims and Reimbursements

Official tours and business meetings are no pain with ESS. Every expense for food, transport or accommodation can be claimed effortlessly by submitting bill copies online. Merely by uploading scan copies of bills with clear numeric denominations of expenses online on ESS, the claims can be reimbursed by crediting the same in respective month’s salary or paying it separately after verification.

  1. Stress-free Application of Leaves

On Employee Self Service portals, leaves can be applied online where number of leave days (half or full day) are deduced automatically. Prompt mails to concerned managers are sent by default through the system for further approval. Also reminder mails can be sent to get quick leave approvals.

  1. Updated Employee Records and Easy Access to Past Data

It is crucial to deliver key information about company and one’s responsibilities to the correct recipients. For this, employee records and their appropriate details like phone number, email address, permanent address must be stored and maintained. These records include change in salary structures, payment modes etc. ESS gives anytime, anywhere access to past data like previous months pay-slips and more.

  1. Paperless Approach

By storing soft copies of important documents like pay-slips, investment declarations, tax reports, approved leaves and attendance reports online on ESS- use of paper is reduced thus following an eco-friendly approach of going green.

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