Payroll Process More Efficient

Today most of the organizations don’t consider “payroll process” as a necessity, as they think paying their employees on time is a perfect system to follow. Even though, payroll processing is one of the most complicated tasks for any organization, but to run a business successfully, it is necessary to have good payroll practices. An organization is small or big doesn’t matter but paying your employees on time matters a lot. There are few companies that outsource their payroll process completely, but many smaller businesses are not that financially sound to do so. To avoid unnecessary payroll-induced misunderstandings and ease the work for employees, let’s have a look on ways to make an outdated, inefficient payroll processes from efficient:

  1. Choose Automated Over Manual

Gone are those days when organizations used to create spreadsheets, or write down payroll data by hand. These ways were not slow and unproductive, but also incredibly prone to a human error.

An automated software solution puts the time sheets together, saves your time, keeps human error at par and gives an accurate payroll data.

  1. Stick to a Calendar

A payroll calendar is a must have in any organization, as it tells you precisely when to schedule the payroll activities and stick to it accordingly.

Ensure that your organization comprises of a defined and concise payroll calendar, or else you might face many challenges ahead. Try to fix clear deadlines for all time cards, expense reports, and all other relevant information that needs to be in, and stick to it. Whether you pay your employees weekly or monthly doesn’t matter, make sure you set a calendar for each circumstance.

  1. Plan and Enhance your Policies

Well enhanced or clear policies will help you in organizing and calculating everything in a better way. For few organizations if their teams work in different parts of the world they choose to have complicated policies.

Be clear with your policies whether simple or complex to avoid confusion. For instance company rules regarding overtime commissions, leave requests, and ensure that your employees are well aware of them. This makes the entire process easier for you or whoever processes your payroll data in the end.

  1. Incorporate More

It is obvious that you might use various tools at work thus integrating your payroll process with those can really make the process a lot clear. With HR and payroll being tied together, integrating other tools with your payroll process helps you to keep a track of your employees’ time and attendance and leave requests in a proper manner.

  1. Provide Online Access to Your Employees

Every organization must look in to providing their employees’ present and past information to the payroll staff as this will save their time. Acquiring an online payroll system is an easy task but integrating that with your accounting system is bit daunting task. This way while generating payroll results you can make double your investment. Try to review the reports on expense trends and paid wages list at the preliminary stage while merging the systems which will minimize the not only the chances of data entry errors but possible frauds too.

PayWheel is intuitive and cost effective business payroll software for HR and accounts personnel. It is highly ranked & fully integrated payroll automation software that limits all complex and eases the process. By having your time and attendance, leave, schedule, and payroll information neatly organized within one central application, you are providing a level of connectivity between this crucial data that makes payroll processing that much simpler and more intuitive.