The advent of novel methods has tremendously changed the way hiring and applying for a job interview used to happen previously. With employment advertisements taking a switch from newspapers to online portals, one thing that becomes a primary mode of job application and never changes is a ‘resume’.

Resume is a reflection of an individual’s accomplishments and credentials. The employers can solely decide to take an application further or reject it based on the information listed in the resume. Therefore, writing a resume is critically important for anyone who desires to get a respectable job as per his/her caliber.

Whether applying for an opening online or offline, do not miss these considerations while drafting a resume-

  1. Customize it for the job being applied for

With a bunch of skills and an amount of experience you carry, you may find more than a few jobs where you would want your candidature be reviewed. But, they need not be of a same domain or industry. It then becomes a concern to modify a resume such that you list your skills and experience just the way employer want to see it. It is necessary to present your profile (of course with no false manipulations) that it looks like a perfect match for the position that needs to be closed in an organization you are applying for.

  1. Summarize yourself and your present/prior jobs in the very first section

The first section must be a glance of your area of expertise in the roles you have pursued, scope of your skills playing a part in growing the business, size of team you have handled or are working with etc. You can certainly omit the “career objectives” in your resume (as it is mostly included by the ones who are applying for their first jobs and do not have an experience to showcase) and stuff-in more substantial information relating to your job, technical skills or achievements of excelling in your work.

  1. Highlight the eminent points and utilize the white (blank) space

Be careful of mentioning the most important details in bulleted format rather than stuffing them into paragraphs that may be skipped while reviewing your application. Use ‘verbs’ while initiating the bullet points as they largely help communicating the message. Also, your application must be visually attractive. Right use of space, fonts and sequence is critical. Use the blank spaces to fit in the personal details like email, contact number, date or signature etc.

  1. Avoid any grammatical errors and typing mistakes

These are an absolute NO and should not get any place to inhabit in your resume. Check your resume twice, thrice and yet again before applying for positions. Wrong use of grammar and spellings can be the biggest turn off for all employers.

  1. Help your employer find you online

Make use of digital footprints to help your ‘prospective employer’ find you over the social media, visit your blog (if you maintain any) and get the gist of your identity. Employers these days are very particular for hiring candidates as they seek for stable and genuine profiles, which can be depicted conveniently through means like digital footprints.

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