It is invariably observed that employees who are satisfied are more prolific within a workplace. Being content and happy makes the employees enthusiastic and cheerful. This reflects into their performance and contribution in a constructive way. They do not complain about the pressure being laid on them, neither do they nag on their job responsibilities. It consequently becomes the responsibility of an efficient Human Resource team to find out more and more ways for making the employees feel happy and satisfied from their job.

Indexed under are 5 creative ways that can be adapted to make employees contented-

  1. Say ‘NO’ to micro-monitoring

Constant checks on what is done or how it is done can be discouraging for the employee. It may develop a feeling of being regarded as incapable or dishonest. Alternatively, if managers take a step back and promote employees to own their responsibilities, the output is largely substantiated. When such practices are followed, it develops a lively work environment that delivers better individual results

  1. Appreciate timely and give feedback

An employee may never ask for being appreciated for a qualitative work done by him/her. But, it becomes a concern for the manager to acknowledge the employee’s hard work and determination for accomplishing a particular target. Also, giving pertinent feedback is equally important as it brings spotlight on what are the expectations and what plans are to be structured for achieving them. This ensures transparency in the workflow and automatically makes the workplace stress-free

  1. Give opportunities to grow and excel

Pursuing a monotonous job and responsibility every single day may result into boredom and restrict the employees to nurture their skills. They must be given ample of opportunities to exploit their talent and learn something new inside and outside work, for example- enrolling them for professional courses etc. This keeps the employees motivated and valued for their knowledge/skills

  1. Ask for opinions

Put your employees to take anonymous surveys for collecting proposals on making the organization a better place to work in. Install “Suggestion Boxes” where any grievance or situation can be attended to solve critical issues at the earliest. These practices assure the employees that their opinions will be considered and their problems will be solved.

  1. Offer perks and incentives

Incentives are the most appropriate way keeping the employees inspired. Monetary benefits conquer every other thing. Perks can also be offered on completing assignments on time and for their outstanding contributions in any project. This encourages them to gear up, take more challenges and get awarded for their work.

These discussions do not really conclude the fact that employees work hard and perform better only to get something. But, it indeed charges them to wake up every morning and go to work. At the end, every employee deserves to feel that he/she is a dynamic member of the team he/she works for and contributes his/her bit to help the organization grow and prosper.

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