Being a boss is not a ‘walk in the park’! We are all human and thus there can be situations when we might say a wrong thing to someone. Sometimes what you say can harm employee morale and company culture too. Some phrases might look unavoidable or appropriate at the moment but that can actually puncture your relationship with the employee and make them less productive. If you are the boss of your organization then it is mandatory that you manage the resources of your enterprise for instance capital, land and employees. In order to achieve a common goal leadership, guidance and motivation is crucial.

Everything depends on the style an enterprise opts for democratic or autocratic. To enhance the morale of a team a boss needs to have good behavior and team spirit. Have a look at some or the phrases you should avoid saying to your employees:

  1. “Do Work Else I Will Fire You”

Seriously! You say this to your employees? If yes then beware as by saying this you are conveying a message to them that they are not important for you. It’s a phrase to demotivate and create fear in employees. One should always motivate their employees when they are in need. To get a job done better a boss needs to be polite and offer suggestions too. Being a boss, you should always express confident in your employee’s ability and tell them that they can deliver much better result.

  1. “You Are Lucky To Have A Job”

Do you feel the same for any of your employee? Yes, then perhaps you are the luckiest one to have a job. No one would love to work in an environment where they feel that they are indebted to their employer. If a particular employee is constantly making mistakes then try to act at first hand by correcting them.

  1. “You Are Doing A Great Job But…”

No not a good phrase! It’s never a good idea to begin a piece of positive criticism with a compliment for the simple fact that the praise will go in one ear and out the other. Instead, focus on what the employee does successfully.

Recognizing your employees for their achievements will relax the blow of any negative feedback they might receive — regardless of when it’s said. But by focusing on their achievements apart from that criticism will ensure that employees continue to do what they do well.

  1. “This Is Not the Way We Handle Things”

It’s true that every organization has their own policies and procedures but you also have something called employees’ creativity. Don’t stick to one way of doing things just because that’s how it has always been done. What unused potential exists in your team because they are afraid of such reaction? Granted, employees need guidance and you can’t have everyone just doing their own thing. However, if you create a rigid culture, you will never get benefited from new ideas, and more turnovers, which will be expensive and inefficient.

Avoid saying anything that could hurt your employees. Instead, opt to provide disapproval in a constructive way, and offer ways to help your employees improve. Treat your employees as the asset of your organization as their hard work will be the reason for your success tomorrow. For other complicated payroll process employ PayWheel as it a one-stop shop that provides end-to-end payroll software for small business.