Attendance Management System

Don’t you think being an organization, keeping track of the attendance time of your hundreds or thousands of employees is a time consuming task? Yes it is! When an organization performs this task manually they have to not only keep a track of how many hours their employees worked, but also need to allocate the time appropriately. Gone are the days when organizations used time-sheets or time-cards to track working hours of their employees. Now it’s time for automated attendance systems which are inexpensive but offer incredible benefits to employees, employers and payroll services. Attendance management system has its own benefits like it saves money and time and also reduces errors.  Let’s see how attendance management system helps HR in their duties:

  • Simplified Management

Attendance management system allows managers and payroll administrators to simply review, approve and submit employee attendance information from centralized, online dashboards. It’s quicker, easier, and creates an accessible data trail that can be used for strategic planning or called upon in case of disputes or when questions arise. In the meantime, employees can also enter and submit information more flexibly, this way they will stay up-to-date too.

  • Significant Cost Savings

Attendance management system eliminates buddy punching, erroneous time tracking, over payment, and absence tracking processes saving both money and time. Any organizations can not only save up to thousands per employee, but also, would require less people to monitor or track employee attendance and less paperwork thereby reducing costs, if they have a time tracking system and automated leave management software in place.

  • Enforcement of Legal Compliance and Company Policies

In order to detect a tax blunder or costly attendance it might take years. Also note that these erroneous attendance records can cost company a bomb in the long run. Additionally, non-compliance to employment or tax regulations can invite huge penalties and a bad reputation to an organization. This is where automated employee management and leave management system can save the day for a company by automating company key HR, and tax processes. So no more missing on tax returns deadlines with attendance management system.

  • Hassle Free Schedule

Now forget arduous manual schedules! With just a few clicks you can manage and develop entire schedules, assign hours to specific tasks, specify which project, department, or client an employee is working on behalf of, and in this way you can easily keep track of shift swaps. Attendance management system will also allow you to easily and efficiently forecast assignments, resources, and budgets by department.

So if in your organization the HR department is still stuck with manual salary or tax calculations steering through tons of worksheets or multiple systems at the end of every month, then it’s time to bid adieu to your traditional employee management system and make way for automated payroll and attendance management system. Our product, PayWheel’s Time and Employee attendance software management solution empowers organizations with the insights of employee’s hours spent in a day or week, shifts taken etc. So, if you wish to add more to your organizations’ HR and accounting processes i.e. the payroll processes including time and employee attendance software management, contact PayWheel!