Biometric Integration: The Time is NOW

Biometric systems have redefined the present and future of computer technology. The security systems in several fields like robotics, IT, production and manufacturing etc. have experienced the next level of identification and authorization required for handling certain job responsibilities. Biometrics uses physical features of individuals like retina, fingerprint, DNA and others to identify them and allow access to departments and information of their concern.

In the recent years, many small, medium and large sized companies have been using biometrics by integrating it with time and attendance management software. By doing this, they are able to keep a better track of in and out time of employees, thus managing their payouts effectively.

PayWheel, a payroll management system, is one such software that integrates with biometric devices and promotes real-time payroll data sharing across the organization. When scheduling functions i.e. time and attendance are included in PayWheel’s payroll processing, it gives detailed insight on paid and unpaid time offs, hence saving payroll costs. It also emphasizes on other core HR essentials to minimize errors in calculating actual work timings. These accurate HR analytics become the foundation of optimized processes and reduced costs.

As per a survey conducted by Nucleus Research, 19% employees agree they been practicing buddy or pseudo punching. Buddy or pseudo punching is a type of time theft wherein employees punch or login on behalf of their colleagues even when they are not present at the workplace. Using biometrics through a time and attendance software- PayWheel eliminates use of traditional or manual means of employees’ time tracking. This helps companies save as much as 2 to 4% of gross payroll costs per employee, per year.

Some of the attributes of biometric systems in PayWheel’s attendance management program are-

  1. Accuracy: More than just the use of passwords, PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) or access cards, biometrics scans biological characteristics of employees (iris, fingerprints, voice etc.) and so it’s accuracy is unbeatable on setting up the systems skillfully
  1. Convenience: Beyond the need to memorize long alpha numeric passwords (sometimes even with special characters); biometric systems are way more convenient for employees at all times
  1. Multipurpose: From installing scanners on entrance and exit doors of companies to securing highly authoritative machines, networks and systems for use- biometric devices can serve numerous purposes
  1. Speed: The complete authentication process must be quick. This depends on the data processing abilities of systems and biometrics is the king of them all. It follows a systematic approach of validation within seconds and enunciates the acceptance or rejection almost instantaneously.
  1. User Acceptance: Though the use of physical characters is involved, biometrics offers complete safety to users without causing any health hazards. It is also easy to use for one and all. As a result, it is widely accepted by employees.

If you have not had biometric integration yet, the time is now. Extend your payroll management software with premium time tracking solutions from PayWheel. Manage your employee time and attendance data i.e. entry and exit time, hours worked and shifts effortlessly. Also, access timely attendance reports from anywhere and at any time.

This New Year, take a resolution to gift your company the best payroll solution and take a step ahead by saying yes to biometric systems. Adopt PayWheel and save a bulk of your payroll costs. Fill up the enquiry form to request for more details.

Wishing all of you a healthy, fun-filled and prestigious NEW YEAR 2016!