HR and payroll managementCloud Computing is a means to store and access data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. Cloud has made both the employer’s and the employee’s life easier. It has enabled employers to have more flexibility in terms of affordability, services and solutions. There is a steady increase in the Internet speed and the bandwidth provided, both these factors make cloud a very enticing business prospect.


Traditional management tasks and HR function can be optimized by harnessing the power of Cloud. Basic HR functions have been automated while users across the globe input, access and share data and this allows HR leaders do everything from monitoring and responding to shifting global trends to meet their employees’ individual needs.


Today’s cloud and mobile e-learning solutions give employers more pliability, as they can deliver training and education to their workforces from anywhere and at any time. Affordable and hassle-free software solutions are available with no annual license fees or a cost, which means that employers don’t need to pull out from their budget to afford a modern, powerful, payroll and HR solution.


The two perspectives where Cloud brings transformation in HR management are:


1. Employer Perspective:


To fulfill vital tasks, modern business managers use a variety of complementary applications. Application deployment has been often a lengthy process in the past. Even without problems or mishaps, this process could lead to missed deadlines, irregular work flow and unmet goals. Today, cloud-based HR and workforce solutions make it easy and efficient to deploy important new applications.


  • Using Cloud can lower the costs to maintain computer storage and hardware.
  • Cloud also provides flexibility and mobility to the company data and an access to it from any part of the world.
  • Cloud storage is secure and encrypted. By keeping personnel cloud servers, users can update and access records with the utmost confidence of security.
  • Unlimited storage of data with minimal costs.


2. Employee Perspective:


Employees living on Smartphones would seek to be able to accomplish HR activities on the go. HR cloud solutions offer employee self-service functionality. They empower employees by enabling them to:

  • Apply for planned leaves, sick leaves etc. and also the ability to mention the reason.
  • File business travel expenses.
  • Update personal information from their computers, Smartphones or tablets.
  • Validation of bank accounts, ID verifications
  • Mobile e-learning solutions for online learning and education anywhere in the world and at any time.

Cloud has definitely improved the way HR department was being perceived in the past and it is here to stay.