4 Tips for HRs to resolve them efficiently

In any place surrounded by people, conflicts are prone to occur. Likewise, in a workplace with a certain number of employees working together, conflicts will creep in at some point or the other. Conflicts are an outcome of interactions between two or more people/ groups that usually turn out to be bitter.

Conflict resolution can prove to be really stressful for even the best of leaders/ managers. However with efficient handling of such situations, HRs may save the organization’s environment from being polluted and maintain a good work culture for one and all. Here are a few simple yet effective tips for HRs (and other managers) to resolve conflicts.

  1. Don’t be biased

Individuals ought to have their favorites and so do the HRs and managers. Nevertheless, favoring someone without listening to the other party is immoral. Make sure you as an HR/ manager are not biased and take decisions based on findings from either party. When both sides feel that they’ve been heard, decisions tend to come out faster and better.

  1. Don’t avoid or ignore

A popular saying, “Prevention is better than cure” fits apt in situations of conflicts. A conflict is rarely a result of impulse but it is more about displeasing instances reoccurring between two employees/ groups. It is wise not to ignore such occurrences and resolve them right when they emerge, rather than sit back and wait for something big to happen.

  1. Don’t play the blame game

Now that the conflict has already caught fire, there is no point declaring someone the culprit. Neither should you be allowing either party to put the blame on the other. It is important that you weigh the faults of both sides equally and give them enough opportunities to present their views. Of course, the actual findings will then help take decisions in favor of the deserving.

  1. Collect facts yourself and beforehand

To ensure that none of the individuals (or parties) is hiding the actual happenings, collect the facts yourself from different sources. Third party i.e. ones who hold a clue to current or past occurrences must be consulted so as to understand the depth of situation. Also, be prepared with facts in advance to confront and not be clueless in the conflict resolutions sessions.

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