Email is the primary mode of communication in workplaces today. No matter how many internal communication tools are introduced, writing formal emails to colleagues and customers becomes a necessary evil. Often employees are reminded by their employers or others about the email etiquettes they need to follow. Certainly emails in the workplace have many benefits associated; however there are a few killer emailing habits that adversely affect employees’ productivity.

Let us study in depth about of these killer emailing habits that have direct impact on one’s productivity.

  1. Not bothering to acknowledge the emails

In quite some cases, employees tend to neglect or delay the response to emails. Email once received needs to be read and replied at the earliest, if at all the situation demands. A productive employee must be concerned to do no delay in responding to mails, if required. Acknowledging important emails is as big a responsibility as listed under the job description of an employee and is directly proportional to his/ her productivity.

  1. Unplanned schedules for checking out the mailbox

Many employees keep their mailbox open all the time on their device or configure it on their phones to have easy access. Though it helps them own their responsibilities better and respond to urgent emails instantaneously, being obsessively involved in checking for emails definitely kills one’s productivity. This becomes a distraction in the regular workflow at work (and restricts maintaining a work-life balance beyond work schedules).

Employees can maintain their productivity by setting fixed schedules for checking official emails. For example: after reaching office in the morning, before/ after lunch time or just when about to wrap up for the day.

  1. Let the emails go unread

Not reading and responding to emails is no excuse from assigned jobs or responsibilities. After all official emails are no spam that can go unread. Skipping to read emails for longer durations can escalate the issues to a level that can hamper business relationships. (Also on a funnier note, nobody likes a messy inbox with plentiful unread mail messages).

Reading important emails, responding to critical messages and deleting the unwanted stuff is a significant gesture of being productive. All employees must make it a habit.

Being particular with your email habits, not only makes you efficient but also helps save you ample amount of time that can be well utilized for performing crucial tasks.

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