Employee Self Service Software

Empowering Employees

Organizations and enterprises, especially their HR departments are always battling with two of the biggest challenges of all times-‘the limited budget’ and the ‘increasing demand for human resource requirements’. The varied requests and issues that employees encounter has to be addressed as per the need, so as to keep them motivated. But with this, there are efforts associated that has to be incurred to cater to their diverse needs. So, a simple employee self service software would help the employee to obtain useful data at any point of time, with no intervention required from the HR Department, all this with the help of an integrated HR and payroll software.

Employee Self Service Software (ESS) – Add to your employees’ satisfaction

PayWheel, comprehensive online payroll automation software can help simplify HR processes related to payroll and compliances. With an all-embracing feature of Employee Self Service Software, the processes that took month-long to complete can reduced to a few minutes, effective decisions can be made easily and most importantly satisfaction of employees can be enhanced. With auto-generated pay slips, up to date profiles, instant leave requests/ approvals, detailed reports of attendance and more, becomes possible at PayWheel’s one-stop store.

The other employee cloud self service software advantages include-

  • Access to company’s rule book i.e. the policies, code of conduct and forms for raising requests
  • Customized add-ons as per company requirements
  • Tax saving options of Investment Declaration
  • Employee specific login credentials
  • Separate tools for employees and managers to manage requests
  • Conflict (attendance/ leave etc.) resolution

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