Empowering HR trends through Social Media

Over a few years we’re observing how social media has evolved as a tool to market, communicate and promote businesses among a global base of consumers. But, as time has passed social media has widened its domain and has been an influential platform for HR managers. Recently, a large number of HR professionals have started exploiting social media networks like LinkedIn and twitter etc. to hunt for their prospective employees.

Globalization has brought the world closer and has given businesses an opportunity to expand, breaking all geographical boundaries. As a result, HRs finds it difficult to recruit the right people in the scarcity of resources. Social Media can be a perfect remedy in such situations that can act as an ‘eagle’s eye’ to search for ideal candidates for filling open vacancies in organizations.

Cited are approaches that can be adopted to make great use of social media for hiring talents-

  1. Relationship Building

Platforms like LinkedIn, being the largest network of professionals are tremendous for building relationships based on trust. With an individual portal to list jobs and track the applications, find suitable candidature along with their past work history, showcase the company’s presence, bridges the gap between the candidates and HRs

  1. Background checks

Retention is a big concern for all hiring managers. With a number of jobs popping every day, and in the competition to hire the best people around, employees can switch at almost any time. It then becomes important to perform a background check for candidates through social media profiles to know about his/ her sincerity and morality. Social Media does help simplify hiring decisions largely

  1. Effective communications

Many small and large companies have built their own communication systems to ensure timely conversation between employees, HR managers and departments too. Social media/ network does not only restrict to big names like Facebook, instead it is any network that promotes social instincts of individuals and groups. Communicating through them be really beneficial within varied work cultures

  1. Branding

Branding on social media through regular updates and news can directly affect the HR department’s hiring ratios. Researching for company and its products/ services not only limit to websites anymore. Instead, social media channels have become a huge source of collecting statistics for candidates before appearing for interviews. As an HR, you must be conscious enough to monitor if your company’s social accounts are active.

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