HR practicesAn organization with visions and goals will definitely need a strong HR department that can support the growth of the company. Growth and innovations propel a business to great heights to meet higher standards and achieve. Innovation may not just come from a dedicated department or a single individual. HR practices are the foundations of organization. A company like Google thrives on the innovative practices driven by the Human Resources.


What exactly makes the HR department so important?

It is the HR department that has the power to drive innovations from the resources hired by them. Innovative thinking has to be brought about by every single person in the organization for the company to move forward collectively. Few innovative practices by the team which are being practiced from the recent past are:


1. Innovation in terms of hiring employees:

HR team has the daunting task of identifying the individuals who can contribute significantly to the organization in terms of ideas as well as flexibility. Careful selection of individuals who love what they do and who are adaptable to changes and innovations will provide a catalytic effect to the company’s growth. New software technologies and big data can help HR’s to carefully appoint the best talent from the pool. And retaining the talent is also a main agenda of the entire hiring process.


2. Employee Coaching:

Coaching and training employees can help the organization get more out of an individual. Investing time and money in employee development programs will not only gain strong reputation but also the employees can get trained to be the best at their respective domains.


3. Enabling employees to be financially sound:

A company which helps its employee to have his/her future secure wins hands down. This would not only increase the motivation level in the employees it will also create a sense of commitment and ownership in them. Also educating employees about the organization’s financial status can help contribution from the individuals.


4. Encourage ideas:

An idea can be the most important start for any company. It need not be only the higher management that has the power to suggest an idea. Organizations are increasingly identifying generating ideas as a power resource and are implementing this as criteria for performance and appraisal. A way to harness and showcase the creative ideas can ensure the ideas are not wasted.


5. Employee Surveys and feedback:

Employee feed backs are like mirrors to an organization. Monthly and yearly feedback forms and surveys can be filled up by the employees and this reflects where their company stands. Organizations need to monitor the feedback through forums, exit and stay interviews and other communication activities.


6. Rewards and awards:

Acknowledging the innovation by rewards is a key component for reinforcing commitment. HR department must plan the compensation strategies, performance management tools, and other targeted recognition and reward programs in a way which can generate loyalty.


All of the above can be summed up with Maruti Suzuki’s example of their continued success as they ensure their employee satisfaction through means such as training, feedback System and timely promotions accompanied with recognitions through rewards.  Their focus on developing customer-friendly innovations and an approach to innovation management by the employees is unique within the automotive industry and makes them able pioneers.