After spending days pondering over resume, waiting for response for over weeks and silent, long pauses mentally enunciating each interview answer, when you get a job offer that moment is euphoric!  Wherever your new employer wants you to sign you are ready for it and things move very fast. Why to hesitate? This is the moment you strived for this long. Accepting a new job offer is a big decision but ensure that you don’t regret after few months down the road. So before you jump into a new role stay calm and look into few factors that you need to consider before accepting the offer:

  • Salary Figures

When you think of switching your current job the main consideration is “money” unless you have any personal reasons. First thing to do is to analyze the pay structure of your potential employer. Don’t go on the advanced salary package on the offer letter instead understand the salary split. Additionally, consider the variable and fixed components of salary. Understand net take home and gross properly to avoid regrets in future. Ask clearly about the bonuses they are planning to pay you this will make the perspective to your job opportunities clear.

  • Timings

Your body follows its own clock that might get affected with your new job.  Your new job timings might be different from nine-to-five, it might be twelve-to-eight, and it can increase or decrease the time schedule. Your new role might also demand frequent, unrestricted and across the broader travel. Before you make any decision on your job understand the time schedule properly this will help you gain clarity before you switch the old job.

  • Add-on Benefits

If you want to multiply your savings or reduce your expenditure, add-ons are a must! Most of the companies nowadays offer reimbursements of bills and free health insurance packages. If these benefits match your requirement then join the company.

  • Work Milieu

Work environment is one factor that is not that crucial but it matters a lot! First start reviewing the interactions you have with the organization. This you can do while you are giving your interview. Evaluate the behavior of human resources, potential team, immediate reporting hierarchy- your bosses and subordinates. So the basic values and work culture of an organization will help you take a proper decision.

  • Job Role

Yes, indeed! It’s not always about the designation. Although a fancy job title would seem lucrative, but it happens that sometimes the job role could be disappointing. For instance, it can happen that you could be offered the position of an assistant manager, but your role might be equivalent to that of a team leader when you compare it with other organizations. So before you accept the order, understand the complete nature of the position being offered.

There are several factors that can affect your decision; you must evaluate each of them to choose the best job for yourself.

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