Going back in time (merely about 5 years), hiring and retention wasn’t too big a concern for companies. But as we are taking steps ahead in the current time, we notice that organizations are growing and so are their needs to hire skilled manpower for performing a wide array of jobs.

For this reason, human resource managers have to hunt for the best talents in the market and hire them. Not only do they have to hire an employee for closing the positions, they also have to retain these talents. Sounds interesting? It sadly is not. There are countless woes associated with this responsibility that makes the HR managers frustrated.

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Let us debate on the causes that makes hiring and retention procedure laborious-

  1. More skilled jobs and less skilled personnel

On a job that has been posted on employment portals or elsewhere, more than 70% of the applications received are not suitable for the desired role. Out of the remaining 30%, not all the skills would match up to the expectations. With finely defined roles, finding a candidature that is a perfect fit becomes way too tough.

  1. Tight budgets and unfair pay scales

If the right candidate has been identified, the HR people would not have adequate budget to pay him/her as per their hopes. The tight budgets allotted to hire and fill all the positions restrict the real talent to be hired, thus compromising with the lower grade of resources.

  1. Absence of replacements

Many of the government and private organizations have declared a maximum of retirements to happen during 2015 to 2025. In these situations and others where employees resign from the company, stalking for recruits having ample of experience and knowledge about the industry, work profile, software (if any) or more never seems feasible.

  1. Company’s reputation

What the companies ex and present employees talk about it outside their workplace, makes a positive or negative reputation of the company. This perception is formed based on the policies of salaries offered, promotions and appraisals, work environment, company’s culture and more. It so becomes one of the chief factors that counts while workforces are being hired.

  1. Lack of enough room for growth

Too specific a profile results in a monotonous working routines and a stagnant growth. Such scenarios emerge as a prime reason that makes employees look out for better roles and responsibilities in their job.

There are other causes that would directly or indirectly be proportional to the hiring and retention process in a specific organization. Debated above are the ones that commonly represent among the most disturbing woes.

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