Choosing a career for yourself is the most critical decision you can ever make. Each and every thing you do revolves around what you choose to be in your career. You study, pick a job or do a business, plan holidays or buy a home, everything has a direct relation with your career. All of us wisely choose the best for ourselves. Some of us opt to become an HR and devote ourselves into the service of Human Resources.

However some people who choose be an HR and use their soft skills in this particular field are made to performing duties that sidelines the role of an HR. Often in debates about responsibilities of an HR, we observe that organizations have not been deploying their resources at the right places.

Here are some deliberations that redefine what essentially forms the part of human resources job-

  1. Get to know your employees and the problems they face

Moving in and out of employee records does not make you familiar with them or the problems/ conflicts they face. You’re there to make lives easier for them and unless you start to know them personally, your job is not done perfectly. Summon into mind that yours is the only profile that gets an opportunity to interact with all the departments within an organization. Call yourself advantaged of it and excel as a human resource professional by attending the employees healthier.

  1. Allot calculating compliances to where it belongs largely

Agreed to the fact that calculating payrolls is what comes under you. But in case you have a tough time calculating the complex statutory compliances, you always have the liberty to assign the same to accounts personnel, who are skilled in dealing with numbers and calculations. Learn to utilize your time efficiently. Spending more time on an issue like compliance calculation will never add to your efficiency. Shift your priorities towards areas that shout for your attention.

  1. Do not wait for directions or follow a sheep mentality

This responsibility is not only yours but of all the employees who are serving individual departments in an organization. Yes working upon the guidelines is critical, but working only upon it is not a choice. Be a self-learner and be more enthusiastic in finding out solutions as per yourself and not as dictated by others. You certainly hope the same from your workforce, so why not initiate from yourself. Remember that you have to climb up and not remain stationary at the same position. Also, align with the people who amplify your career.

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