Leave Management Software

Taking leaves is no more a stress

For any organization (small or big), it becomes a key responsibility to formulate and follow a leave policy in order to keep a track of available leaves or leaves taken by the employees. This helps in compensating the employees correctly.

With an efficient leave management strategy, an organization can be benefited in plentiful ways. The main importance can be that the availability of employees can be easily known by their managers without any communication gaps. It gives a clear view on the number and type of leaves accumulated, spent or lapsed in a respective time. It enables the employees to check their leave balances and plan their vacations accordingly. Having been integrated with the leave management software tracker, it empowers business to calculate the payroll accordingly (along with the deductions and other criteria etc.).

PayWheel, extensive leave management software permits employees to utilize their leaves such that the complete life cycle from earned to spent leaves is effectively managed. It frames one common leave policy that is applicable for all employees working in the organization, thus ensuring no manual involvement or monitoring by the HRs.

The Components of PayWheel’s Leave Management Software Feature

  • Leave Application

    Employees need not go personally to the HR every time they need a leave. They can directly use their Employee Self-Service Portal to apply for leaves online.

  • Approval for Leave

    Once the application has been sent online, employees can track their application whether it has been approved yet or not.

  • Leave Cancellation

    If there are any change in plans and the employees no more wishes to take leave, the application can be cancelled directly from their online portal.

  • Leave Balance

    The employees can check their leave account to know the type of leaves earned so as to avail them as and when needed.

  • Leave Encashment

    Employees can demand for encashment of their leaves during the full and final settlement of the company depending on their business policies.

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