The world is digitizing. All businesses and departments have adopted the digital means to simplify and automate their routine workflows. As a result, use of paper has been minimized and an eco-friendly approach is being embraced, along with the convenience of speed and accuracy.

Payroll and accounting being considered as the most significant departments in organizations have already started using extensive software for minimizing errors and increasing productivity. Payroll software like PayWheel has enabled companies to automate processes like salary management, attendance management, pay-slip generation, employee management etc. However, many employers are still using manual timesheets to record the work hours and activities of employees.

Since timesheets are resources that depict critical data like the amount of time spent on a particular task, it becomes the key to measure and analyze performances. Manual timesheets often fail to serve their purpose due to ample of reasons. Let us list few-

  • Employees may not care to provide exact details of their work and manipulate the data
  • Reporting manager may approve the timesheet without verifying the accuracy of details submitted
  • Storing timesheets of all employees becomes tedious
  • Reviewing timesheets needs manual efforts of searching the records from a stack of paper
  • Evaluating overtime details, time-offs etc. requires double labor
  • HRs or payroll administrators have to manually input the exact work hours of all employees for payroll processing
  • Errors and negligence can creep in at any time resulting in incorrect wage/ tax/ compliance calculation
  • Cost of office stationery is added

Whereas, automated timesheets brings with it numerous benefits for both employees and HRs/ payroll administrators. They are-

  • Reliable information on hours worked in a day/ week, attendance and leaves etc.
  • No extra costs of paper
  • Better optimization of resources- time, labor and money
  • Empowered employees and HRs having access to view, edit and update their records for better reporting
  • Seamless flow of data from integrated time-clocking devices to payroll system for attaining actionable business intelligence.

If you are the one still using manual timesheets and wish to avail the advantages of automated timesheets, opt for PayWheel. Improve your payroll efficiency, employee satisfaction and business processes by moving online.

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