Payroll and Employee Motivation

What can be an employee’s greatest source of motivation? Bonus? Appreciation? Job satisfaction? Work-life balance? Yes! But, above all these factors, the most important factor that keeps an employee motivated first is timely and correctly paid monthly remuneration. In HR and accounting language, we call it “Payroll”.

Why is timely “Payroll” so vital to employees?

When an employee gets paid on time, rightly for his/ her services, it gives him/her a sense of security, trust, and oneness. In any job, when an employee trusts his/ her employer and organization, job security follows. Whereas any repeated fluctuation in the pay schedule and amount, directly affects the trust and employee motivation.

What should be done to keep the employees motivated?

As an employer, you should be keen on building a trustworthy relationship with employees to have a win-win situation. For this, your pay-cycle must be accurate, timely and compliant. Integrated payroll software can be set-up or installed to ensure all payroll-related activities are synchronized and compliant with all by-laws of payroll industry.

What happens on adapting payroll software?

Payroll software streamlines your payroll processing by simplifying complex calculations, catalyzing the payments, saving time/ costs and more. Not only does payroll solutions ease the responsibilities of HR and accountants, but also it help in empowering employees by following an employee-centric approach that is practiced by many successful organizations today.

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a new way to empower your employees which comes coupled with comprehensive payroll software like PayWheel. In these portals, employees can perform all routine operations online like- applying for leaves, checking attendance, generating/ printing pay slips, tracking approval status from managers etc. And for all this, there isn’t any need for employees to walk up to HR managers every now and then. (This also means your organizations have a relaxed and satisfied bunch of HR professionals too- after all they too are employees).

How can you get an ideal payroll software?

From so many available options to confuse you and make choosing payroll software a big challenge, PayWheel- a product of veteran software development company Tricon Infotech, provides immense transparency to clients’. We give a reasonable quote soon upon enquiry, schedule free demos, install payroll software and support throughout the tenure of service.

We understand that employees are the soul of an organization and so through our extensive software we serve employees with payroll processing that keeps them motivated. To know more about PayWheel, send an enquiry now! We are there to deliver you best online payroll services.