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A tried and tested payroll software is required to manage the intricate payroll process and functionalities to different sectors. PayWheel with its large and diverse user base is a Top Payroll Software which provides a complete punch to payslip solution that performs complex statutory computations and gives in-depth reports with 100% precision.

PayWheel- Elixir for automated processing top payroll software

To cope up with the complexities of payroll, salary processing and employee management there emerges a need for organizations to incorporate comprehensive, automated payroll software management system. PayWheel is a one-stop shop that provides end-to-end payroll software for small business as well as medium business requirements (payroll software solutions for SMEs).

PayWheel’s Preamble

PayWheel is intuitive and cost effective business payroll software for HR and accounts personnel. It is highly ranked and fully integrated payroll automation software that limits all complex and tiring processes to minutes and not days. PayWheel is a gateway that unifies access to all information related to a company and its employees which help to manage employee’s data, loan applications, reimbursement, pay slip generation, leaves approvals and many more.

PayWheel communicates seamlessly with its workforce and improves the productivity of the HR and accounts departments. Features like Employee Self Service (ESS) and attendance management empowers the management to minimize the rate of payroll and attendance conflicts within the organization. As payroll software for small business, we reduce the need to manually input tax amounts, salary processing and calculation of statutory compliance by automating the payroll from start to finish.

Perks of employing PayWheel in an organization

PayWheel’s payroll management services offer some unique benefits to clients. Listed are the primary ones-

  • Effective Human ResourcesImplementing PayWheel as payroll software service envisage your organization’s brighter future by simplifying the payroll procedures handled by HR (and/ or accounts) department.
  • Leave, attendance and conflict managementThrough the attendance and payroll software PayWheel, monitoring work offs and absenteeism of employees can be managed timely and resolved in case of conflicts.
  • Statutory and compliance management- PayWheel as a HR automation payroll software supplies you with formats to generate challans and statutory reports as per the Indian labor laws.
  • Employee Self Service portals- PayWheel serves as a web based top payroll software portal for employees to have anytime, anywhere access (i.e. 24/7 access) to all personal and professional information in a secured manner. This includes generating/ printing monthly pay slips, tracking/ viewing leave applications, requesting claims, tracking attendance and more.
  • End to end payroll managementPayWheel as a payroll software program equips HR personnel with automated solutions that relieve them from redundant manual work and human errors. This employee management software processes salaries in few minutes with sheer accuracy.
  • Top Payroll Software Beneficial For AccountantsToday in the world of HR and accounting “online payroll” is the most talked about topic. When you are running a small business, the keystone behind its successful operation is on-time and reliable top payroll software. 

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