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To make an organization acquiescent to law and order, any big or small businesses look for diverse payroll services. Payroll and any requirements regarding to it can be a daunting task for many businesses. Often it is seen that employers have half knowledge about the compliance regulations or they fail to keep their changing regulations up-to-date. “Cloud based payroll software” is in high demand nowadays, as it takes care of salary processing of all the employees, while maintaining their record of attendance and leaves.

Our product, PayWheel now being cloud based payroll software helps business in tackling number of tensions and allows them to perform well in no time, keeping legal mess at bay.

PayWheel is a Cloud payroll software solution which comprises of benefits in terms of both compliance and restructuring the administrative tasks. Additionally, it also provides online collaboration with a payroll professional to assist in trouble shooting.

Payroll Processing at it’s best with PayWheel – Cloud based payroll software solution

Cloud based Payroll Software Bangalore

Have you ever felt that your payroll records are jumbled? Or, are you not able to keep up with the ever-changing payroll tax rates? Plugging in with PayWheel will help you with both the kinds of payroll related issues.

Although, PayWheel is loaded with features to meet requirements of a variety of businesses, let’s have a quick look at the main features of our payroll software solution:

Paramount Safety

The security measures adopted in our cloud payroll software is such that, your data is safe. Even if your computer crashes, payroll history is innocuous.

No Infrastructure Cost

Unlike other software you don’t need to spend anything on infrastructure, as you just need an internet connection and an internet enabled device to access PayWheel.

Automated Updates

PayWheel, being payroll on the cloud, updates tax rate changes automatically.




PayWheel – payroll software is accessible anytime, anyplace over the cloud. Access PayWheel on multiple devices with just an internet connection, in short you are not dependent on just a desktop.

Employee Self-service

Nowadays few cloud programs offer discrete login for employees of an organization. Our software allows employees to submit time sheets, apply for leaves, download pay slips, submit investments, apply for reimbursements etc. which eases your work.

Organization of Special Documents

With the help of our cloud based payroll software you can store payroll records or policies of your organization in one place.

PayWheel, a Tricon Infotech product is specially customized payroll software for accountants and HR. We serve several distinct clients around India and appreciate their disparate payroll requirements.

Now, PayWheel is cloud based payroll software which means more features and very economical. It is extremely economical, “Pay as you use” as we have some amazing valued added packages too.

Register immediately and use PayWheel for free until you decide which plan suits your organization needs the best. Different packages come with different features, which mean you can choose package that you can afford and enjoy additional features too.

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