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A great company is like a well-oiled machine that has all its parts working together to keep it moving forward, fulfilling its function which, in the case of business, is making a profit.  One component in the business machine that sees the most pressure is the human resources department. However, many companies still seem to manage their workforce with documents, post-it notes and a random system of spreadsheets. One of the best ways to keep this component running smoothly is with HR software. And since HR affects every other department in your business, human resource software can help all the various parts of your company work better as well.

PayWheel is a comprehensive HR and Payroll Management solution for SMEs in India. With its extensive knowledge in Indian payroll system and being compiled with all statutory laws and standards, PayWheel has been serving many HRs and employees since a few years. This HR software is a result of years of research and continually evolves, version after version, to offer the best to clients. Our key concern has always been on providing simple, user-friendly human resource software software to all.

India’s finest HR Software – PayWheel

While setting up PayWheel for your organization, our technical team will guide you through payroll application implementation, payroll data migration process and create master databases of employees, designations, departments, holidays, leaves, pays, taxation, credits, pay dates, deductions, etc. All this information is secured and can only be modified by an authorized personnel.

With initial employee data setup, PayWheel delivers true out-of-the-box experience, few are listed below:

  • Hassle Free Employee Management:

PayWheel allows you to add or modify employee details like personal, official and educational along with photographs and digital attachments for supporting documents. Additionally, PayWheel also include details about employees joining the company, job confirmation, employee profile, family and dependents, medical history and insurance.

  • Easy Attendance Management

PayWheel makes monitoring attendance easy. Attendance can be recorded either through manual entry or any automated system like bio-metric devices, or swipe cards. Apart from common types of leaves, PayWheel can adapt to any kind of leave structure your organization may utilize this includes flexible offs, comp offs and others. With PayWheel you can segregate the weekly offs company, designation and employee wise. It also allows you to assign flexible offs for your employees as per your requirement that too just a click away.

  • Leave Management in Just a Click

A reliable leave management software is one of the best ways to ensure easy scheduling of leaves. Our HR software, PayWheel makes leave management simple for employees and managers, as it allows immediate requests, changes and accountability by both parties. Managers can now freely focus on other responsibilities. This software increases productivity and ease the process. Leave applications, approvals, cancellations, balance and encashment is just a click away.

  • Easy Claim Reimbursements

Now no more running around for claim reimbursements as with PayWheel employees can submit reimbursement claim online, attach a soft copy of his/ her reimbursement bills. Additionally, acceptance or rejection is communicated via auto mail intimation.

  • Easy Tax Planning

Once the employees submit their investment declarations to the HR, our HR payroll software PayWheel calculates exemptions and deductions accordingly. Also with the feature called ‘Tax calculator’ in PayWheel employees can compute income tax payable for the entire year & the tax to be paid on one particular month. It also calculates TDS, prints Form 16, 12BA.

PayWheel – Cloud based HR software with its full suite of functions enable an organization to effectively manage the payroll and human resource processes at the click of button in a secure environment, in accordance with the latest statutory compliance.

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