Payroll Management Software

Punch to Pay Slip automation with integrated ESS portal.

From past few years it’s seen that organizations use multiple systems to handle different HR tasks like benefits, task management, hiring, payroll and scheduling. The process is not just confusing but inefficient too. But today technology has come up with the solutions for these HR functions mainly with end-to-end payroll. PayWheel being end-to-end payroll management software links all the facets of workforce management to the payroll system. From hiring to benefits everything is integrated in it. In short PayWheel is a one stop solution for the frustration that rises due to disconnect between workforce management software and payroll.

A Comprehensive Solution for HR Functions, Particularly End-To-End Payroll Management Software

Let’s have a look at the benefits you can reap by employing PayWheel as an end-to-end payroll management software solution in your organization:

  • Ease of Communication

PayWheel makes communication easy between the employees and employers of an organization. With the help of PayWheel both employees and managers can track time and attendance. Additionally, employees can have a look at how much Paid time off (PTO) is left and can make requests and HR managers or employees’ respective managers can approve them too.

  • Upsurge Efficiency

Extensive data entry, making statement copies with different payroll software is tedious and inefficient process. But PayWheel an end-to-end payroll connects employee data management to payroll which minimizes data entry. Thus you can reduce the number of platforms used to manage all the HR needs and increase your efficiency.

  • Organizing Data Effortlessly

PayWheel by linking to all HR information of your organization helps you to easily find and access employee information within no time. Thus searching for pay slip, and date of hire will be simple and no more be a headache.

  • Track Unified Reports

One of the best benefits of using PayWheel payroll management software is that it becomes easy to track cohesive reports through human capital management data. In short you see benefits, pay and employee punctuality simultaneously. Thus you can take more well-versed decision regarding promotions, transfers and changes within the organization.

  • Error Free Payroll

A small error in payroll can prove very costly to you. With PayWheel you can ensure that your money is going at the right place. You will become tension free knowing that you are in acquiescence with taxes and wage processing is going to right agency. Is your company losing valuable time doing things the old-fashioned way then consider switching to end-to-end payroll management software. Our software PayWheel is one of the best payroll management software in India. It will make an immediate difference to the way you manage all aspects of your HR, and allows you to get more things done in less time, saving you money in the long-run.

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