Perks of Employing PayWheel in an Organization

Simplistic, secure & hassle free payroll execution.

Nowadays, tedious administrative tasks and routine works like preparing checks, maintaining accurate records, calculating payroll and determining tax obligations has become costly and feels burdensome too. Implementing payroll software in your organization is a valuable alternative to manage payroll within. PayWheel allows you to complete payroll calculations like income tax deductions in no time which usually needs to be worked out manually.

Paywheel, a Valuable Alternative to Manage Payroll within Organization

Additionally it also takes care of year-end reporting which is automated, and both pay slips and annual reports are saved in case if needed later.  This is not all, let’s have a look at few more perks you gain while employing PayWheel in your organization:

  • Automatic Functions

Our payroll software PayWheel provides up-to-date tracking which is precise. Any organization that uses automated systems to track their employee’s attendance can link it to our payroll software to stay updated with their current attendance and movements. Other automated functions of PayWheel do include automatic calculation of leave, benefits, attendance, salaries, and bonus and tax payments. Generation of pay slips and tax certificates are add-ons.

  • User-Friendly

PayWheel is user-friendly and has been built with the end user in mind. It will help you in entering, drawing or printing management information easily, and allows the system operator to make changes, enter data and add new rules or tools to the system, as and when required.

  • Reduced Dependency

With PayWheel performing a lot of distinct automated functions any business owner can save money on manpower, as less people are generally needed to run the HR function.  Instead of payroll clerks working out leave allowances, tax payments, calculating salaries, and then physically taking print out of pay slips, by automating these functions just one person need to do all these.

  • Precise Information

People usually tend to lose both interest and concentration while dealing with a repetitive task, and while working out salary payments errors can be easily done.  Computers tend to eliminate human error to a great extent, and PayWheel ensure that your payments are worked out correctly, and are also able to benefit from more accurate management information.

  • Assured Safety

By managing with our payroll software, your organization will remove the uncertainty that comes with the sending an employees’ private information to a third party. It might happen that your computer crashes and all your data could be lost. But with PayWheel being cloud based payroll software all your employee information is safely stored on cloud without any fear of losing the data.

  • Ensures Business Growth

Our software has the ability to remain in line with the growth of your business.  You have to consider the goals and objectives of your business, and PayWheel will provide significant growth to your business in the future.  PayWheel can be implemented in modules, and these modules can be added on or expanded or removed as your business grows in order to reduce costs and support increased processes. PayWheel being cloud based payroll software comes with more features and is very economical too. If you are looking for comprehensive payroll software for your organization then what are you waiting for register immediately and start using our payroll software.

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