PayWheel – Ideal Software for Small Business

Scalable solution in tune with growing business needs.

Do you think running a small business is a walk in the park? If yes, then think again. When you run a small business, you need to take care of everything right from the back office operations to success of sales force. On the other hand there might be situations when smart delegation and strategic decisions will improve your operations. But to manage your payroll you either need to delegate the task to a trusted employee or get an assistance form your accountant.

PayWheel: An affordable and efficient, small business payroll software

No matter who handles the payroll operations, there are plenty of benefits if you use online small business payroll software to get it done. Here are some of the biggest benefits you can enjoy when you switch to our online based small business payroll software PayWheel for your business:

  • Employee Satisfaction at its Best

Our small business payroll software will help you increase efficiency of your operations and reduce the mistakes that are likely to happen. This will give you one less thing to worry about and helps you to keep your workers happy. Additionally with our ESS feature, employees can also directly access some features, this gives them a sense of control and satisfaction.

  • Enhanced Accuracy

One mistake in payroll system can cost you big, but our small business payroll software will prevent those costly errors. An error that extorts your employees can destroy self-esteem in your company or even lead to legal problems for your firm. PayWheel helps you in greatly reducing the risk of human error and ensures that your employees get exactly the pay they have earned.

  • Automation

When we say automating processes saves business a lot of money then the best example to think of is payroll. In a small business payroll software process you require dozens of hours and dedicated staff of workers, but with PayWheel you just need one dedicated employee and the work is done in no time. Once PayWheel is set up, all of the employee data is imported, and your designated staff member can simply check number of hours an employee worked and authorize the payments. As a result your employees will be happy when they receive their salary on time, and you will be happy that everything is running effortlessly.

  • Flexibility to Choose

Our payroll software comprises of plentiful of features like time and attendance management, leave management, employee data management, system generated pay slips and many more. PayWheel is not just flexible to use but to choose too, as you are open to choose features in the software based on your needs.

  • Total Customer Support

When you use a paper-based payroll processing system there can be loads of disadvantages too like lower efficiency, greater cost, training and support. It’s true that your payroll processing specialist is well versed with operating the old system, but what once they leave? What if they don’t get the time to train a replacement?

When you upgrade to PayWheel, you will not only get ongoing support and upgrades, but also get the training you need to efficiently operate the software. Additionally, you can train several employees to use the software too.

As mentioned above switching from manual payroll processing to our web based small business payroll software PayWheel will give your small business number of important benefits. PayWheel – small business payroll software will not just improve the efficiency of your small business operations, lower your costs but also keep your employees happy, so switch to PayWheel today!

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