When you dream of starting a business, you seldom think of the real life reality. You might think of the larger troubles that might come in your way but often you forget about those internal issues that take away your sanity. One such issue is processing payroll for your employees which can be a headache to even the most experienced and meticulous professional.

Payroll Processing though, considered being the most important operation of a business takes away plenty of time and patience. A single mistake in calculation while processing might slap your company with a hefty penalty to be paid. Small and medium companies often think that processing payroll themselves would make them more cost effective and they can have control over their data without disclosing it to anyone. But, the fact is that the best way to handle payroll issues is to look for a reliable Payroll Software which can save not only your time but also from bad headache.

Payroll management software is the solution to these problems. It can save you from spending entire month in calculating and processing payroll and can do your task in just a few clicks. It can certainly save you from missing your lunch breaks and spending late nights in office. Mentioned below are some of the features of our payroll solution PayWheel.

User friendly– The exercise of processing payroll is a very complex and time consuming process that requires substantial amount of concentration and patience to be finished. It is because of this disadvantage that you may have to suffer losses at times. But, now with PayWheel you can handle multiple things in just a matter of a few clicks.

Responsive – As expected in today’s advanced world, PayWheel allows you to process payroll on your fingertips. It has access not only to computers and laptops but is easily accessible on tablets and mobile phones. It makes payroll processing as easy as sipping a cup of tea.

Easy to handle – The simple setup and UI of PayWheel makes your work simple and paperless. It is designed and developed in such a way that you don’t need an extensive training to run the software and can be easily installed and customized as per your requirement.

Affordable – Today, when every company is looking to cut down their expenses, why would they buy any software that costs them heavily? PayWheel with its two great USP’s of affordability and usability makes itself the best choice for any small or medium enterprise. PayWheel, unlike other softwares doesn’t have any hidden charges and suffice all possible requirements at a minimum price available.

Technologically Advanced – When the world has become global with technology, any organization wants to spend its penny on software’s that are technically advanced and easily customizable. PayWheel fulfils all these requirements and can be easily customized to suit your organization’s requirements. It can generate form 16 and 24Q online and covers Leave Management, which is usually a pain to calculate. It also takes care of the PT and ESI in relation to the changes in the budget.

Confidentiality – Outsourcing your payroll might hinder with your organizations confidentiality but with installing PayWheel in your own organization, you are free of this tension and only the person in charge of handling PayWheel can access that. It is highly secure with passwords and can’t be accessed without permission.

Saves Time – Payroll Processing has always been a nightmare for people who handle it. It gives them sleepless nights and takes away their comfort. You can’t afford to make even a small mistake while processing Payroll. Manual processing has a higher chance of errors and takes a lot of time to finish the process. But, with PayWheel you can complete the entire process in just a few clicks with negligible chance of mistakes.