Significance of password protected pay slips

PayWheel is an Employee Payroll Software for SMEs that has been serving companies with premium range of payroll services since years. The key to upholding long term relationships with our clients has always been to provide accurate and secure payroll solutions. This has made us successfully safeguard all our clients’ payroll data by following a skilled approach.

One such example of maintaining secrecy through PayWheel salary software is a feature that allows accessing individualized employee pay slips only upon entering a password. This means all the automated pay slips that are generated on Employee Self Service (ESS) portals will be protected by a unique password.

We understand that pay slips are reports containing highly confidential data about employee salary structure and the HR should be responsible not to disclose its contents to anyone. As per the company policies, this data should be available either to the employee himself or to the concerned authorities like HR. These facts of matter lead us to incorporate an amazing feature of keeping “pay slips password protected” in PayWheel, thus easing a major concern of payroll processing.

In as less as 2-3 steps, HR managers can define unique passwords for every employee and share these exclusive passwords with them through mail. This ensures there is no breach in data and solves the purpose of sustaining confidentiality efficiently.

Here are a few additional notes in this regard and would help you understand the feature better-

  1. The pay slip password is a unique alpha numeric code that is defined by the Admin or HR of the company
  2. This feature comes as a default and companies can opt out to avail this feature as per their requirements
  3. The password can be sent to concerned employee via mail

*Special Note The pay slip will be opened only on correct entry of the password as defined in the payroll data of a particular company.

All the details on how and where to set the password are given to client in the training sessions.

To avail such amazing range of services in our all-inclusive employee management software – PayWheel, get in touch right away. Hurry! Schedule a free demo to get familiar with all the features and request a quote to avail our premium services. Now any small or mid-sized business and start-ups can own HR and payroll management software at unbelievable prices.