HRM Software

Human Resource Department (HR) is the core of an organization and is linked to all the other departments. Many of our HR folks keep complaining about managing the exhaustive data of employees, working on the tiring salary components, tracking daily logs, preparing lengthy reports, stalking loans or payment settlements and more…

The fact is, many of the organizations are still using the back dated HR management systems that makes it tedious to smoothly function on the key areas. The ever growing number of employees and an even larger data cannot fit under these obsolete systems. Then is realized the need for utilizing the latest technology in HRMS.

PayWheel, an Online Payroll Software product of Tricon Infotech caters all the needs of payroll and salary management and offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing employee records.

Cited further are the features proposed by PayWheel-

This feature enables users to access PayWheel and its data everywhere, every time (including accessibility over the mobile phones) with an internet connection. This also makes the data centralized for use, diminishing the need for maintaining several databases and thus improving efficiency. It helps keep greater control on the costs incurred on resources.

PayWheel permits employees to view their personal and professional records and get monthly pay slips, salary structure, insurance details, taxes, savings, leave balance or request for advance salary etc.

As the software is  allows generating pay slips and calculates the salary based on the employee’s attendance, aids in managing leave requests or advance payment/ loans of employees’.

PayWheel assists in preparing Statutory reports like ECR, Form 24Q, Form 16, ESI, PT and more integrating with other spreadsheets.

  • Integration with Bio-metric Machine

Most of the organizations have adapted the Biometric system based on fingerprint verification for tracing the precise time. PayWheel provides functionality to integrate with these machines and hence supports superior staff management.

This one-of-a-kind payroll software named PayWheel has influenced the overall human resource management and made it convenient like never before. It is structured considering all the aspects of the Indian Payroll System and thus fits most appropriately to the requirements of clients. By far, PayWheel, leading payroll solution has been marking an irreplaceable presence in 70+ organizations and serving their specific HR and Payroll needs.