Have you as an HR professional been concerned about retaining your employees at some point or the other? You would certainly answer it affirmative! Employee retention may be tiring and challenging. However, a lot of your productivity revolves around handling this particular responsibility.

Follow these tips that bring you the key to employee retention. We are sure, if required amount of emphasis is given to these concerns, employee retention will never be too big a pain for you.

  1. Give rewards

Rewards can be in any form, i.e. bonuses like joining/ retention bonus, gifts, vouchers, appreciations e.g. employee of the month/ year etc. When employees are rewarded for their work and services, they feel satisfied and thus do not hop jobs.

  1. Give your employees a compensation boost

Though there are several other factors to retain employees, compensation tops them all. When your employees are not financially motivated, you would have a tough time retaining them. Scheduled boosts in compensation keeps employees fulfilled.

  1. Give them the extra benefits that matter

Implement policies like work from home, paid sick leaves, vacation for family etc. Provide your employees enough opportunities to work on-site; give them devices to work from remote locations. When employees get additional benefits, they tend to stay.

  1. Introduce them to special benefit programs

Programs like employee referral offers benefits for earning extra income through appropriate use of their professional and personal network. Such special benefits can be less frequent but does help in retaining employees.

  1. Improvise on the internal processes

Employees may get frustrated of internal procedures that degrades their productivity or distracts them from working. It is your responsibility to identify these causes, find out solutions and fix them at the earliest so that it does not affect employee retention.

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