Human Resource (HR) department has invariably been adapting technology to dodge the exhausting payroll and employee management processes within an organization. The one that got popularized the most is Employee Self Service (ESS).

 HR personnel would certainly relate to the panicking situations of managing pays for travel allowance, overtime, monthly salary and more. Categorizing full time and part time employees is even bigger a scare. Plus the new joinee formalities, performance appraisal, leave management and so much more becomes close to impossible being accomplished manually.

Employee Self Service (ESS) portals like PayWheel incredibly helps HR personnel to better serve their employees and reduce their dependency on personal communication. Here are a few points depicting how ESS has made payroll management a no sweat job-

  1. Attendance and leave management

An employee’s salary is determined based on his/ her days of working in a month. ESS aids in keeping a record of employee’s attendance along with their incoming and outgoing timings, hours of work done and the shifts too. Moreover, it manages the leave balance and enables the employee to directly apply for leave and get it sanctioned by the respective manager/ leader.

  1. Online pay slips and anytime access

Employees have the authority to login to ESS portal using their credentials at any point in time. Besides, it leverages the employee to get their pay slips just in few clicks. It minimizes the risk of misplacing the hard copies. The month-wise pay slips can be easily generated, mailed or printed all from a single place just in a blink of an eye.

  1. Reduced load on HR department

ESS helps HR personnel to empower their employees with the many benefits and reduce their reliance on mailing or walking up to the HR personally and discuss their trivial issues. It thus facilitates the HRs to deploy their valuable time managing subjects like conflict resolution, formulate employee betterment strategies, maintain a good working environment and more…

  1. Structured and updated employee data

ESS reduces the need for HRs to chase every employee of big (or small) organizations for seeking their precise personal or professional details and maintaining their records. With ESS it only takes minutes to streamline and update employee data online without the need for communicating with the HR. This data remains real-time and so it can be retrieved by the concerned authorities whenever needed.

If your organization is still to implement payroll management software, the adaptability of which is increasing dramatically all over, contact PayWheel. This supreme payroll software solution functions as ESS and abridges the complex scenarios of salary processing and employee management.