Time and Attendance Tracking Software

You would be well aware about the many different types of investment your company does in a year. Some of them are costlier than the others. Mostly, for automating the complicated and time-consuming processes, companies buy software that minimizes the human involvement, thereby adding to accuracy and efficiency. One such software that adds to the productivity of employees is for tracking their time and attendance. In a year, companies often incur losses by paying for the time/ days the employees weren’t available to work. A proper time and attendance tracker (software) can help compensate employees better.

When deciding for buying a good time and attendance software for your company, do not forget to refer to this guide and the key considerations listed below-

  1. Features- Next is to confirm that the features (time capturing, configurable reports, real-time monitoring, shift details, conflict management etc.) you need are present in the software you decide to buy. Also, you must consider the additional programs being offered and how that will help in the improvement of your processes. If something lacks, do not compromise just to save a few bucks. Instead, look out if there is a scope of customization or else replace with other available options.
  1. Integration- Be very sure that the software you buy can integrate with different time tracking devices like biometrics etc., accept inputs manually or from online portals and other methodologies that are practiced. This is useful not only on your paydays, but also in other associated activities on a yearlong basis.
  1. Automation- The software must be able to automatically compute the minimum working hours in a day/ week. Also there must be room to configure requests for overtime and more such compliances. These policies must automatically pick the accurate figures as per the province/ state laws and process the payroll accordingly.
  1. User friendliness- Complex software is prone to add more to the to-do tasks of the people using it. This means, rather than the efficiency being improved, it will reduce. Therefore, the first thing you must look for before buying a time and attendance software is that it should be easy to use. Software that does not promise simplicity to you is not worth investing.

The moment you find an appropriate match for your requirements of time and attendance tracking, only then go for a purchase. The idea must be to adapt a system that is not only effective, but also resolves existing problems, install easily and is easy.

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