Employee Attendance Management Software

Keeping a track of employee's attendances is no-sweat with PayWheel

In order to pay your workforce aptly, you as an organization need to be concerned about their precise working hours spent in a day or week. Effective tracking of incoming and outgoing time of employees helps manage their attendances and thus ensure that their compensation is calculated accurately in our employee attendance software.

A well-organized time and employee attendance software management offers populous benefits to organizations. Attendances being the primary factor for compensation require full control for accessing working hours and thereby retrieving facts about employee’s performance. It is directly linked with the labor costs associated with the assigned job to employees’. Through automating the time and attendance tracking system, payroll processes can be optimized and accelerated by minimizing the manual efforts. With the required amount of deductions where required, organizations can save over payments.

PayWheel’s Time and Employee attendance software management solution empowers organizations with the insights of employee’s hours spent in a day/ week, shifts taken etc.

PayWheel- Employee attendance software, more efficient attendance and payroll processing

  • Collecting attendance records- In this software you can integrate devices like bio-metric to record the exact time of entering and leaving the workplace (along with the work slots). It also scales itself according to the online attendance tracking systems.
  • Fixing the work schedules- The software enables you to decide upon the minimum working hours in a day and week. This employee attendance software helps maintain a time and attendance discipline within your employees and organization.
  • Reporting- The software delivers a detailed report of every employee’s attendance by default in their own panels as well as their manager’s panel. This gives a clear view on the absence or any other kind of time-theft. It ensures no attendance conflicts are created on either side.
  • Approvals and requests- The built-in features within the software for applying, approving and requesting time/ slot changes or conflicts allows better handling of employee management process.

If you wish to add more to your organizations HR and accounting processes i.e. the payroll processes including time and employee attendance software management, contact PayWheel. Request for details by dropping us an enquiry now!


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