Tips on Dealing with Employee Lateness and Time Theft

Though employers are adopting the policy of offering “flexible working hours” to their employee, there are a set of jobs that need a fixed work schedule. Say a sales executive is given flexibility to work at any hour and he chooses odd hours to start the job. As all his business prospects are available within a time window, he remains unsuccessful in grabbing business due to his unsuitable time preferences.

The number of hours worked in a day and week are also an important consideration for all employers. As per most of the organizations, employees are required to work for 8 or 9 hours a day. However, time theft is a concern, for which employers are likely to incur huge payroll costs. For instance, false punching for colleagues and friends is practiced by many to curtain actual work records, for which the costs are borne by the company.

Such matters, if not dealt with appropriately can do a great loss to businesses and so dealing with them becomes crucial. An ideal methodology to be adopted for dealing with employee lateness and time theft can be formulated in a two-step process.

  1. Identifying the cause and problem- to recognize the seriousness of the issue and its impact on one’s own as well as business productivity. This includes knowing-
  • For how long have the issue persisted
  • Is it observed in one employee or others in the group/ team
  • How frequent is the act
  • And other relevant details

For this employers can use “timesheet” feature that comes built in payroll software like PayWheel. By using this feature one can know the exact in and out time, along with hours and minutes spent on each assigned tasks.

  1. Rectifying the problem- to minimize and ultimately end the problem so as to save payroll costs.

This constitutes-

  • Declaring the work schedule in advance
  • Framing a policy, mentioning it in employee handbook and sharing the consequences in case of wrong practices
  • Rigidity in following the rules
  • Taking disciplinary actions

Through PayWheel’s time and attendance system, getting weekly/ monthly reports on lateness become easy, after which necessary corrective actions can be taken guilt-free. Biometric integration on the other hand becomes the panacea for handling time theft through physical characteristics, promoting strict rules for all.

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