HR Trends

Today, we see most of the companies in India undergoing a digital transformation and as a result of which increased automation is transforming almost all the aspects of a business. Even the Human Resource Department had to adapt the dynamics of a progressively digitized market place.

HR departments always try to deliver a social centered employee experience. Thus now they have started using digital technologies to add more compelling and personalized experience.

As we have now entered 2017, are we actually excited to implement the transformational changes that are taking place in human resource department due to advanced technology? If yes, then let’s have a look at some of the upcoming HR Trends :

  • Analytics

Data ownership and privacy are two such things that will continue to elicit interesting debate in 2017. Today there are organizations that are trying to enhance people analytics by capturing data of their employees as much as possible. Using different tools the data is then used to gauge the mood in different sections of the organization.

  • Real -Time Feedback is the “New Trend”

From past few years it is seen that yearly performance reviews are painful, disengaging and ineffective. In previous year many technology giants seem to stop the annual performance reviews due to absence of feedback. Nowadays performance management seems to be changing. While managers’ think of giving real-time feedbacks to employees, employees do look for continuous mentoring. None of them want to wait for the annual review meeting.

Today, in this digital era, almost all the HR processes are automated. Many big organizations seem to use algorithms to screen, hire and test new talent. With the availability of huge amount of big data, Artificial Intelligence seems to have a great impact on HR industry. Nowadays, many organizations are adopting AI to get valuable data and insights that could help them to improve decision making and lower business risks.

  • Employing a Payroll Software

No matter “big” or “small”, in every organization, payroll is a critical operation, as employees need to be paid on time.  Today every growing business needs reliable payroll software. More the number of employees you have in the company, more paperwork will come into the accounting department. With the help of reliable payroll software many financial errors can be avoided and paperwork will be reduced to a larger extent. Today most of the companies seem to be employing payroll software to pay salaries and wages to their employees with fewer efforts and zero errors. In 2017, the trend will continue as far as the growth of organizations is concerned.                                                                                                                                          

  • Work/ Life Balance

Although this sounds like something new, and looks like a growing trend. It is an old topic that has been discussed for years and there are no indications that this can change. But as employees look for flexibility in the work place, the trend is moving towards a more result-oriented environment from the mentality of rigid 9 to 5 working hours.

Let’s wait and watch which of this is going to HR trends in 2017! The booming businesses and their snowball success largely depend on the number of satisfied employees. But along with this you also need a streamlined and systematic payroll software management to manage the intricate payroll process. Our PayWheel being comprehensive payroll automation software can help serve a great payroll deal. Then what are you waiting for? Contact us!