The world is going digital and there isn’t a surprise why! The communication has advanced as a result of digitization and has become efficient in all means. Organizations have been adopting digital communication to interact with its employees, vendors, customers and more. The best part of adopting this technology is that critical and secured data can be transmitted between the two parties seamlessly.

However, there are still many organizations which are dependent on manual processes to deal with operations like payroll. Not only is it time consuming but also less accurate. Moreover it encourages use of paper when the same can be avoided embracing automated payroll processing including distribution of ePayslips to employees, rather than paper payslips.

Though it may not be realized, office stationery, mostly paper adds a significant cost to the overall expenses and can be controlled through automation. While paper payslips seems to be an old-school fad, ePayslips carry benefits for both employees and employers that are way more engaging.

Let us site some advantages of adopting ePayslips generated through progressive payroll software like PayWheel.

  1. To Employees
  • One-click accessibility i.e. ePayslips are available instantly
  • Anytime, anywhere access throughout the world (with an internet connection)
  • Permanent storage on Employee Self-Service (ESS) without fear of misplaced monthly payslips
  • Completely personalized and secured ePayslips (often protected by passwords)
  • Review payslip history of previous months 24/7
  • Easy generation, mailing and printing/ reprinting of ePayslips whenever required
  1. To Employer
  • Reduced costs and preparation/ distribution time
  • Secure and timely delivery of ePayslips to employees
  • Permanent records for generating payroll reports
  • Easy access of historic payroll day 24/7/365
  • Minimized use of paper and thus controlled carbon footprint
  • Lower errors and increased accuracy in payroll information

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