Our Payroll and Business solutions can assist companies with their payroll, leave and statutory issues. Let’s look at the top five most important items all businesses should consider when choosing the right vendor.


1. Personnel Turnover: Has your account been assigned a series of service representatives? The number one complaint that we hear from new clients relates to their previous vendor’s customer service personnel turnover. If you’ve ever developed strong rapport with a client service representative only to watch that person leave the company, you understand the toll this can take. Customer service turnover leaves more room for error – especially disconcerting when that organization services your payroll. Nevertheless, it is a remarkably common occurrence when dealing with larger service providers.
2. Customer Service: Would you characterize your service representative as proactive? We’ve identified three customer service styles – proactive, reactive and callous. With the later occurring most frequently, customer service has become the second most common grievance we hear from new clients about their previous vendor. Businesses want to choose a proactive service provider, with staff identifying potential issues before they become serious problems. If your service provider is reactionary but aggressive in addressing each issue or dedicated to resolving issues in a timely manner, you’re better off than most.
3. Regulatory Compliance: Have you ever been contacted by your State’s Department of Revenue or Department of Labor as a result of improper employee withholding or classification? With business law ever-changing, it’s essential that your payroll and hiring practices are fully compliant with federal, state and local laws. During our many client transitions, each case has been riddled with serious withholding errors, improper employee classifications, and non-compliant onboarding practices for new hires.
4. Technology: Is it a difficult or uncomfortable experience when you need to obtain simple reports from your payroll provider? New clients have expressed frustration with their previous payroll provider when it comes to reporting, job cost/labor distribution, and HRIS database integration capabilities. A few larger payroll companies are challenged with providing even the most basic technology features because their systems are so outdated.
5. Cost-efficiency: Do you know what exact services you receive versus those being billed? Employers often overlook payroll processing fees, with the latest payroll pricing model bundling fees within a comprehensive HR package. In our experience, unless those HR services are hands-on and provide day-to-day administrative services, clients are either unaware that they have an HR package or are not fully utilizing those services.