Earlier if you look a few years back there was a time when the organizations did not allow their employees to use their cellphones in the office. You won’t be surprised to know that some companies do follow the same rule even today. But have you ever thought the real reason behind this is? It’s simple, one is the companies don’t want their sensitive data to be leaked via their employees also they don’t want them to waste their time on social media, instead concentrate on their work. But how far can you control your employees. Some of the companies have faced the repercussions of over controlling their employees in the past. On the other hand social media helps employees to connect with clients, customers of their own company. Nowadays social media is known to be an integral part of HR. Let’s have a quick look at the advantages of this integration:

  1. New Ways of Networking

Do you still search for new candidates in the newspapers and magazines? Nowadays we see everyone moving towards social recruitment which includes LinkedIn, Twitter etc. to find best candidates. From lower to higher level of employees social recruitment has spawned new ways of recruiting.

By integrating HR with social media you can bring in social recruitment to the lead of your company’s policies. With most of the employees looking for jobs on social media turning away from social media is highly impossible.

  1. Communicate Well with Wider Audience

Not just your employee can remain updated with current activities in the company but the people outside the company will remain updated. This can be done through twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn too. In order to include your staff in social communication program, HR should take an initiative to integrate social profiles.

So this is one way you can keep a track on what your employees’ do, without even interfering. By posting regular fun related or social activities carried out in the company will not just make the employees happy, but the people outside the company also get a good overview of the company.

  1. Analysis

Analytics is one of the major uses of social media. Today several social analytics tools are accessible those can be integrated into the HR. With the help of analysis you can gain sensitive and useful information about your employees and predict their behavior in near future.

Social analytics is also helpful in testing your products before it launches in the market. It seems that sometimes, your own employees are the great testing grounds for your own products and services. The way they communicate about your products will reveal more about your products and will show how successful it will be in coming future.

Today and in the coming future social media will play an important role in the way we communicate. It is an inextricable part of our lives and hence nowadays companies are beginning to integrate HR with social media. Integrating social media with HR will only fetch you advantages.

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