The Problem

The client, a company based out of Haryana, was facing challenges in accurately tracking the location and attendance of its remote workforce. As an entirely remote company, they struggled to verify the check-in and check-out timings and locations of the employees. The manual tracking methods they employed were insufficient, time-consuming, and error-prone, making it difficult for the company to efficiently manage their remote workforce. They wanted HR software that could help them handle their remote workforce effectively. 

The Solution

PayWheel provided the ideal solution by optimizing time and attendance tracking for the client. The attendance feature, along with the geolocation services, enabled the company to precisely track and monitor employee timings and locations. The web check-in feature allowed effortlessly log their hours worked, while the geolocation services provided data on employee whereabouts. PayWheel also provided informative reports on attendance data and statistics, allowing the company to gain better insights and make informed decisions.

The Result

The PayWheel team got a deeper understanding of the issues of the company and helped them streamline and automate their leave and attendance management while also offering seamless HR operations and payroll processing. 

  • PayWheel helped streamline their attendance management process by automating check-ins, and check-outs, and recording the number of hours. This helped the company to reduce the time and effort spent on manual attendance monitoring and streamline the process easily.  
  • PayWheel also provided geolocation services along with attendance management. This helped to ensure that employees were accountable for their work location during working hours. This established a sense of accountability and increased productivity among remote employees. 
  • PayWheel assisted the client in identifying patterns and optimizing its remote working model by generating informative reports with valuable insights into employee attendance patterns. This resulted in increased efficiency in resource allocation and workflow management. 

Overall Experience

The attendance and leave management feature of PayWheel has enabled seamless tracking and monitoring of employee attendance data for the remote workforce of the client. The geolocation services helped in providing accurate locations, creating a sense of accountability among employees. PayWheel has also empowered the client to reduce the manual workload of HR professionals and gain data-driven insights. By using PayWheel, the overall HR process has been optimized and there has been visible significant improvement in the operational efficiency of the organization.