Time Off

Leave & Holidays

Track leave accruals, requests, and holidays in a transparent online platform so employees can plan their remaining time off, and managers can schedule shifts accordingly.

Set Holidays

Customize the calendar with national, regional, restricted, and optional holidays. 

Manager Approvals

Managers can view and approve leave requests online. 

Leave Accruals

Establish rules and customized leave accrual policies across the company. 


All in One Dashboard

PayWheel’s intuitive dashboard consolidates the entire leave request and approval cycle within a single dashboard. This empowers both employees and managers with a centralized system for requesting and tracking time off, facilitating quick approvals, reducing paperwork, and enhancing overall workplace productivity.


Flexible Leave Policy Configuration

PayWheel provides configuration options for leave policies that can adapt to your evolving requirements. You can customize leave policies for employees tailored to the specific needs of your organization like comp-offs, sandwich leave policy, succeeding and preceding leaves. You can also customize any number of leave categories & types of leave according to the organizational policy. 

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"We've been using PayWheel for the past few months we love it. I especially appreciate the payroll and attendance features, which have streamlined our attendance management and payroll calculations. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate my experience with PayWheel as a solid 9. I definitely suggest PayWheel to anybody looking for reliable HR solutions."
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Effortless Leave Management

PayWheel allows employees to manage their leave requests. Employees can check their leave balances and submit leave requests all through PayWheel’s ESS portal. Additionally, managers can send approvals & access the leave data of their team. HR professionals can analyse leave patterns for deeper insights and optimize organizational leave and holiday planning effectively.


Customize Holiday Calendar to your Needs

PayWheel helps to align general and optional holidays to local geographical locations according to the organizational requirement. PayWheel also has an intuitive holiday calendar that provides employees with information about all upcoming general and optional leaves. In this way, they can plan their time off, and notify their managers in advance.


Notify Peers & Superiors While on Leave

PayWheel enables users to assign ‘watchers.’ If the employee wishes to inform other team members or managers when submitting a leave request, they can add the individuals they want to notify as watchers. This ensures immediate notification that the employee will be on leave, allowing them to plan allocated tasks accordingly.


Create Your Own Approval Workflow

PayWheel offers a custom leave and holiday approval workflow, enabling businesses to define their own rules, designate approval managers, and establish criteria for leave request approvals. This enhances both efficiency and transparency. 


Define Leave Carryover Rules

Customize your leave carryover policy with PayWheel. Set custom rules for leave encashment and carryover limits, ensuring effortless leave management with easily configurable policies that align with your organizational needs.


Take Data Driven Decisions

PayWheel provides leave and attendance reports, enabling you to analyse leave and holiday data, gain valuable insights into organizational patterns, examine revenue variations, and monitor productivity effectively. 


Leave Solutions for Every Scenario

PayWheel supports all types of leaves, ranging from casual leave (CL), sick leave (SL), maternity leave (ML), marriage leave, paternity leave, bereavement leave, compensatory leave (comp-off), loss of pay leave (LOP/LWP), etc., while also keeping track of leave balances for improved planning.


Never Miss an Update

PayWheel leave and holiday system automatically sends emails to both managers and employees to notify and update them about leave requests and approvals. The email notifications ensure timely communication and transparency throughout the leave management process.


Leave Policies Based on Employment

With PayWheel, you have the flexibility to customize leave policies for employees during probationary or notice periods, ensuring fair and transparent treatment. This feature enables you to manage and credit leaves, accordingly, enhancing efficiency. 


Seamless Integration with Payroll

PayWheel seamlessly integrates all leave and holiday data with the payroll system. This ensures that employee leaves and time-offs are accurately calculated, providing employers with error-free and accurate compensation data. 


Effortless Compliance with PayWheel

With PayWheel, you don’t have to worry about any compliance-related issues with leave and holiday management. Detailed records and customizable holiday calendars tailored to your organization are readily available, ensuring efficient and hassle-free leave management. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

A leave management system is used to track and manage employee leave, holidays, and time offs. It functions as a centralized platform that helps both employees to raise requests, view holidays and time-offs, raise requests, and get approvals. It also helps in reporting data and syncing data with payroll. It can also help in report generation and provide insights into leave trends while syncing the data with payroll. PayWheel’s leave and holiday management system helps you to customize your holiday calendar and track the leave requests & approvals as well

The main benefits of a leave system are:

· Track and manage leave requests

· Tailor-made leave policies

· Accurate data and synchronization with payroll calculations

· Ensures compliance with labor laws

Addressing Attendance Conflicts: In cases of attendance conflicts, raise requests directly to the manager and resolve attendance conflicts. 

Submitting Leave Requests: Request leaves and time off directly from the dashboard. 

Manage Reimbursements: Submit requests and get reimbursement approvals all in the dashboard. 

Applying for Investments based on Tax Regime: Submit various investment requests based on your selected tax regime.