End-to-End Solutions

Payroll Management

Move your payroll processing to the cloud and reap the rewards of efficiency, accuracy, and ease. PayWheel includes a complete set of HR tools from payslips to manager approvals.

Comprehensive Solution

Efficiently automate and streamline all administrative functions from payslips to manager approvals. 

Define Roles

Establish roles, responsibilities, and workflows for HR, administrative staff, managers, and employees. 

Intuitive User Interface

Our all-new, intuitive User Interface lets you access essential features and modules from a single dashboard. 

HR professional handling payroll management

PayWheel ensures legal compliance by managing statutory requirements like EPF, ESI, Professional Tax, TDS, and other benefits. PayWheel provides comprehensive payroll solutions, automating the tedious processes of calculating, withholding, and reporting. It streamlines the entire payroll processing while reducing the risk of human errors in payroll management. 

PayWheel allows batch processing to simplify payroll processing. You can now group and process employee payments collectively according to your organizational structure to optimize both HR and financial workflow. 

Gone are the days of manual excel calculations for payslip generation. PayWheel now offers automated payslip generation accessible to employees anytime, anywhere. Customize your payslip template with the essential information your employees need and let PayWheel generate payslips automatically. 

Categorize your employees by their salary changes and payroll type, simplifying salary tracking and minimizing the risk of errors. Assign salary structure according to your organization, add and configure multiple deduction components and PayWheel calculates the CTC of the employees automatically.  

Manage your employee salaries effortlessly, including bonuses & appraisals while keeping track of all payroll changes. You can process the salaries of employees with bonuses separately, while others remain unaffected. Just enter the details of the bonuses and appraisals, and PayWheel will automatically update their revised salaries. 

PayWheel simplifies the payroll processing by seamlessly integrating live biometrics through API. It integrates leave and attendance data to the payroll system and automates calculations for time off and loss of pay based on attendance records, ensuring a smooth and efficient payroll processing. 

PayWheel identifies deductions and handles the advance and loan lifecycle. Streamline your loan management from policy setup and eligibility calculation to automatic EMI deductions and pending amount recovery, all in one place.  

PayWheel has a simplified reimbursement system that allows employees to submit requests, and managers to view, verify and approve them. Track and manage all your reimbursement requests with PayWheel. Categorize them, store the associated bills, and process reimbursements in sync with payroll, or at any instance with just a few clicks. 

HR & Payroll Software FAQs

Payroll software is a tool designed to handle the entire payroll calculations, deductions and disbursement of salary within an organization. Payroll software solutions like PayWheel, help organizations with end-to-end payroll management, time & attendance data, leaves, and expense management, among others. 

Payroll software refers to cloud-based solutions that streamlines and automates the entire payroll processing, from attendance tracking to payroll calculations. It can help all organizations irrespective of their size to maintain compliance, employee records, establish a workflow and minimize human errors increasing the accuracy and efficiency of payroll management. 

A reliable payroll management system like PayWheel can streamline the entire payroll processing for your organization. Some of the key benefits of a payroll software includes: 

    • Efficient and automated payroll processing 
    • Compliance to Government rules and labour laws 
    • Extensive reporting and audit trail 
    • Accurate expense management 
    • Secure and encrypted data access 
    • Reduction in human errors 

While there are several things to look out for in payroll software, some of the most important features to look out for include: 

Compliance with Indian Payroll Regulations: Automated tax calculations and deductions, such as EPF and ESI, among others, to ensure compliance with regulations. 

Time and Attendance Tracking: Accurately record clock-in/out times, shift hours, and attendance records, and seamlessly integrate them with employee profiles. 

Leaves & Holiday Management: Look for a payroll management system that can manage leave requests, balances, accruals, and holidays to streamline HR processes and ensure compliance with leave policies. 

Robust Reporting and Analytics: Access to comprehensive reporting tools enables data analysis for informed decision-making regarding attendance, leaves, expenses, and payroll for HR professionals. 

Data Security and Backup: Choose software with robust security features such as data encryption, user access controls, and regular backups to safeguard sensitive payroll information. 

User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive interface, easy navigation, helps  to enhance the user experience and ensure widespread adoption within the organization. 

PayWheel provides a unified dashboard that integrates various essential functions, eliminating the need to switch between disconnected systems. PayWheel streamlines HR operations, ensuring smooth workflows for managers and employees alike. We prioritize user experience, have dedicated customer support, and have a user-centric design. Additionally, our platform offers a range of services within a single system, including: 

  • Payroll Management 
  • Automated CTC calculation 
  • Time and Attendance Tracking with Geolocation Services 
  • Leave and Holiday Management 
  • Employee Self-Service Features 
  • Statutory Compliance Management 
  • Expense Management System 
  • Data protection measures