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Why PayWheel

PayWheel was designed from the ground up to meet your needs in today’s changing workplace. Manage your employees the same way you manage your products, services, and customers.
A Modern Workplace Solution

Designed for the Hybrid Economy

Today’s workplace requires new ways of tracking and managing employees. PayWheel meets your employees’ needs no matter where or how they work.
  • Online solution is ideal for a distributed workforce, with both desktop and mobile access.
  • Employees can log in and record their hours from anywhere, with biometric verification.
  • Managers and HR can log in and approval everything digitally.
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Illustration: Comprehensive-Functions
A One-Stop Shop

Comprehensive Functions

PayWheel covers the complete employee experience in a single dashboard, so you can stop switching between different, disconnected systems.
  • PayWheel automates payroll, leave, reimbursements, and more.
  • Establish roles, responsibilities, and workflows for HR, managers, and employees.
  • Complete visibility, reporting, and statutory compliance.
Built for Humans

User-Centric Design

PayWheel has an attractive, easy-to-understand series of dashboards built to satisfy all users, regardless of their level of technological expertise.
  • User Interface offers access essential features and modules from a single dashboard.
  • No special training or technical knowledge is required.
  • Equal functionality on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.
Illustration: User-Centric-Design
Illustration: Automation-Controls
Work Efficiently

Automation Controls

PayWheel automates repetitive, administrative tasks so your HR team members can focus on what they do best.
  • Establish rules-based processes that allow HR to focus on more complex tasks.
  • Batch-process payroll and leave requests based on custom criteria.
  • Prioritize processes to work with your needs.
Start Quickly

Easy Onboarding

Thanks to PayWheel’s simple, straightforward setup and dedicated client services team, you can implement the new system without having to pause your valuable work.
  • Dedicated onboarding support, any time of the year.
  • PayWheel will import/migrate existing data — and even verify the accuracy.
  • Integrate seamlessly with common accounting tools like Tally.
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Illustration: Customer-Support
Powered by Humans

Customer Support

In addition to a growing library of documentation, PayWheel features a dedicated support team to assist you with all your ongoing needs.
  • Live human customer support via phone or chat on Indian business hours.
  • Growing library of documentation and self-service information.
  • The PayWheel team incorporates customer feedback into product development.