End-to-End Solutions

Employee Self Service (ESS)

PayWheel empowers employees through the employee self service portal to take ownership of their own personal information including leave and attendance, salary statements and investment data. They can add & edit information, download essential resources and even send out requests for approvals all in one place. 

Digital Everything

No more physical punch cards or timesheets. Employees can log in and record their hours digitally, from anywhere. 

SaaS Advantage

Our secure, online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) system is ideal for a distributed workforce.  

Easy to Use

Our user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use without any special training or technical knowledge. 

Computer depicting the ESS portal login

Our intuitive dashboard has a concise calendar view, enabling users to get a complete overview of their work hours and leave balances within the ESS portal. With PayWheel, you can check your clock-in and clock-out times, request leaves, review approvals, and track reimbursements all from a single dashboard. As for managers, the dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of team requests and leave requests, providing a holistic view of their team’s schedule and availability within our employee self service system. 

PayWheel streamlines tax planning, making it easy for employees to manage and optimize their tax & investments. Users can submit the investment declarations, income proofs, and other essential information digitally to help determine the tax liability and plan their investments accordingly. Paywheel automatically calculates the standard deductions and provides the net taxable income. 

Employees can access their pay slips and pay structures anytime with PayWheel. They can also find essential handbooks, documents and forms in the employee self service portal without having to go through HR for the essential documentation. 

Track pending leaves & time offs and request approvals directly from the ESS portal with PayWheel. Timesheets are automatically forwarded to officials for review and approval. In case of any attendance conflicts or unrecorded work hours, you can send requests from the ESS portal directly. 

Experience simplified loan management with PayWheel. Enter your loan amount, and the number of installments, and PayWheel deducts the amount before crediting your salary. Enjoy hassle-free loan management and timely payments with PayWheel. 

Do not worry about the long process of reimbursementsWith PayWheel, you can track & monitor your expenses designate the reimbursement category, and effortlessly attach supporting documents for manager approvals directly through our employee self service portal. Streamline the process for hassle-free, paperless reimbursement, saving you time and reducing administrative bottlenecks. 

PayWheel handles every aspect of the exit & separation, from resignation to settling outstanding dues to exit interviews. Streamline and automate the entire offboarding process with ease and efficiency, ensuring a smooth transition for both the employees and your organization.