Digital Confirmations

Time & Attendance

PayWheel offers you a state-of-the art attendance management system that will help you track your employees working hours along with their locations, manage shifts, calculate working hours, track overtime, and manage attendance conflicts. PayWheel also offers secure attendance verification through web check-in and biometric device integration, all seamlessly integrated with payroll. 

Easy Manager Approvals

Managers can manage employee attendance requests & regularizations directly.

Easy to Use Dashboard

Capture and validate work timings instantly, with minimal clicks and a holistic overview 

Seamless Data Integration

Effortless data flow between internal modules simplifies data exchange within the system and with third party accounting tools. 

woman-using-biometric device.

Employees can clock in and out online and submit digital timesheets, as well as offsite attendance requests, which helps with accurate time-tracking and attendance reporting.   

PayWheel offers live biometric integration via API. As soon as the employees check in or out, their attendance is automatically recorded. You can now export attendance data from your biometric device and upload it to your convenience or PayWheel can do this for you automatically. PayWheel will seamlessly sync your attendance data with your payroll and ensure that you have the most accurate data at all times 

PayWheel provides a selfie attendance feature for efficient time and attendance capture. This feature mandates employees to take a selfie during check-in or check-out, and the system seamlessly links it with their attendance data. PayWheel prioritizes flexibility by allowing you to enable this functionality just for a particular number of employees. This feature also helps managers to verify attendance before approval.

PayWheel’s geolocation services, like geofencing, enable employees to check in and check out only within predefined boundaries set by the employer. Whereas geotagging helps to record the location along with it, providing additional context to your payroll data, especially for offsite and remote employees PayWheel also offers location-based reports with accurate check-in and check-out location records for every employee. 

PayWheel has a custom workflow approval system which allows users to send requests directly to the managers for time offs and attendance conflict. This streamlined workflow enables more efficient and responsive management of employee schedules and requests. 

PayWheel offers attendance reports with all the essential employee details such as daily, monthly reports, check-in and check-out timings. This offers an overview of attendance data to identify trends and insights, enabling data-driven decision-making for your organization.   

Paywheel allows you to configure any number of shifts according to your workforce requirement. Create a shift management workflow enabling you to optimize shift scheduling and management. Employees can upload timesheets based on the shifts they are assigned to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A time and attendance system helps to streamline and automate organizational time and attendance data. HRMS solutions like PayWheel can help you monitor and track working hours, shifts, attendance conflicts, and generate detailed reports while integrating it with payrollThis, in turn, can help businesses enhance overall efficiency and simplify workforce management. 

While there are many benefits of using a time and attendance system, some of the major benefits include:  

  • Time and Cost-Effective: The time & attendance system reduces the need for manual time tracking, thereby decreasing the need of resource allocation and the time spent on manual calculations & report generation. 
  • Enhanced accuracy: Since the attendance data is automatically recorded, there are less chances of buddy punching, or attendance fraud. It also gives accurate check-in and check-out details and so it is error-free. 
  • Compliance: Maintaining accurate records time and attendance data makes it easier to comply with legal requirements and wage regulations, reducing the possibility of noncompliance penalties and disputes. 
  • Monitor offsite employees: The time and attendance system helps to monitor offsite and remote employees via features like geofencing and provides insights into their location and working hours.  

Yes! PayWheel is compatible with a wide range of biometric devices, offering flexibility and compatibility for our users. 

Yes, it is possible. We offer an API that can be integrated with the biometric device with the assistance of your respective biometric vendor. 

Geolocation-based services in PayWheel allow your employees to log their attendance through web check-ins or PayWheel mobile app, eliminating the need for a physical biometric device.