Manage Expenses

Expense Management

Establish rules, approvals, and responsibilities for travel, meals, out-of-pocket expenses, and more. Then collect receipts, track usage, and automate qualifying payments.


Streamline your reimbursement process and reduce administrative overhead with PayWheel


PayWheel ensures that reimbursement amounts are accurately calculated, minimizing financial discrepancies. 

User-Friendly Interface

Experience a platform designed for ease of use, ensuring a smooth experience for both administrators and employees. 


Say Goodbye to Tedious Manual Reimbursement Process!

PayWheel automates your employee reimbursement claim workflow effortlessly, ensuring accurate calculation and timely payout. Recognizing that every organization is unique, PayWheel offers customizable features to meet specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for a seamless experience.


Fine-tune Expense Categories to Your Needs

PayWheel adapts to your industry-specific requirements and provides a customized approach. Whether it’s travel expenses, food bills, lodging, or client meetings, tailor reimbursement categories to fit your unique business needs. PayWheel allows you to configure data fields according to your organizational structure, ensuring a personalized experience. 

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"We are highly satisfied with PayWheel. We have been using this attendance software from last six to seven years, We are quite impressed with its easy accessibility and the prompt support team. Any issues we encountered were immediately addressed by the support team, and effectively resolved. We would definitely recommend PayWheel to anyone seeking a reliable payroll solution for their business.”
Manager HR and Admin, BiOZEEN


Monitor your Expenses Real-time.

Keep a track on your company’s expenses in real-time. PayWheel’s intuitive solution provides instant insight into pending and processed reimbursements, empowering you to make informed financial decisions. The expense tracker helps to enhance transparency and accountability within your organization, ensuring a proactive approach to financial management. 


Track Your Receipts with Zero Paper: All Digital

Save time and reduce paperwork with PayWheel’s secure, cloud-based receipt management system. PayWheel enables users to effortlessly upload, store, and retrieve receipts, simplifying audits and compliance checks. The approving authority can view the supporting attachments and verify and approve accordingly. Paperless system contributes to environmental sustainability and also facilitates a more efficient approach to employee reimbursement documentation.


Ensure Compliance in Expense Management

Stay on the right side of legal regulations with PayWheel’s compliance-focused employee expense reimbursement system. The platform is designed to align with industry standards and legal requirements, providing you with peace of mind in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. 


Customize Reimbursement Policy to Suit Your Business

PayWheel allows you to map monthly and annual limits, accommodating your organizational policies seamlessly. The flexibility to customize policies ensures that PayWheel adapts to the unique needs and financial structure of your business. 


Establish Expense Limits to Prevent Exceeding Budgets

With Paywheel’s expense management system, you can set rate limit for expenses according to your organizational standards and expenditure categories. Set rate limits upfront for employees and so the team knows how much they can spend. 


Sync Reimbursements with Payroll

PayWheel’s employee expense management is seamlessly integrated with payroll, allowing you to handle all employee expense reimbursements alongside salary disbursement. In the rare event that you need to, you can also choose to postpone these expense payments to the next payroll cycle.


Document Upload for Enhanced Transparency

PayWheel helps to attach claims-related documents, enabling easier approvals with enhanced verification and transparency. This improves the approval process efficiency and ensures all necessary documentation is readily available. It also supports better record-keeping and auditing practices. 


Simplified Reimbursement Tracking

The reimbursement feature tracks all reimbursements and maintains a history for record keeping. This ensures transparency and helps in budgeting and financial planning. Additionally, it simplifies audits and helps identify any discrepancies quickly. 


Optimizing Employee Reimbursement Procedures

Streamline the employee reimbursement procedure for faster and more efficient results. To ensure timely payment, align settlements with payroll schedules. Employee satisfaction will increase if expenses are reimbursed on time and directly to their accounts. Use expense reimbursement software to streamline these processes. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expense management system is a tool that automates the entire reimbursement process from receipt collection & approvals to calculations and reporting. It also generates expense reports to understand the expenditures and the compensation structure. 

The reimbursement process in PayWheel works in 4 easy steps: 

Setup: Easily configure reimbursement categories and policies to align with your company’s needs. PayWheel’s setup process is user-friendly and allows for quick adaptation to your organization’s unique requirements. 

Submission: Employees submit reimbursement requests through PayWheel’s intuitive portal, attaching receipts effortlessly. The platform ensures that the submission process is straightforward, reducing the time employees spend on reimbursement-related tasks. 

Approval Workflow: Streamline the approval process with customizable workflows, ensuring compliance and accuracy. PayWheel’s approval workflows are adaptable to your organizational structure, providing a seamless and efficient process for both employees and approvers. 

Payment: Once approved, payments are processed promptly, keeping your employees happy and motivated. PayWheel’s timely payment system contributes to a positive employee experience, reinforcing trust and satisfaction within your workforce 

An expense management software helps users track all expenses and approvals in a single place. It should also allow users to customize the reimbursement policy, set limit and integrate with the payroll and attendance system.