The Problem

The client is an IT support and services company based out of Coimbatore, India. They were facing several challenges as they handled everything manually, from attendance tracking,  payroll calculations and management. However, this approach was both time-consuming and prone to errors. The lack of a proper attendance management system was creating issues as they were not able to track and record the accurate number of working hours of employees. They also wanted to have a centralized system to view and download payslips, company policies, and HR documents as well. And so, the client wanted a comprehensive HRM solution that could automate everything, from leave and attendance to payroll management.   

The Solution

PayWheel helped streamline the client operations by eliminating manual data collection and records. Everything from documentation to payroll processing was automated to facilitate a smoother workflow. The web check-in and check-out feature enabled the client to accurately track and record the attendance data of all the employees. Our CTC calculator helped to streamline salary calculations, deductions, and reimbursements, making payroll management easy and efficient. We also helped the client centralize company resources and streamline workflow within the employee self-service portal

The Result

The PayWheel team, in collaboration with the client, understood the key requirements and helped improve the client operations significantly by eliminating manual paperwork. 

  • PayWheel helped to automate the entire payroll process, from automated CTC calculations, customizable salary components and deductions, benefits calculations and salary change reports. PayWheel also simplified the reimbursement approval process with an easy upload, view, and verification feature. This allowed the users to keep track of all payments and approvals within the Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal. The reverse CTC calculator allowed the HR to customize deductions and components for each employee. And the automated payslip generator helped to automatically generate the payslips in the ESS portal so that employees could access it without any HR intervention.   
  • The attendance management feature enabled the client to accurately track and record the check-in and check-out timings of each employee. PayWheel also synced attendance data with payroll, preventing payroll errors. The custom workflow approval system allowed users to send direct requests to managers for time off and resolve attendance conflicts. The detailed attendance reports, which included daily and monthly data as well as check-in and check-out times, offered the client a complete overview of attendance data.  
  • The PayWheel ESS portal provided the client with a centralized system, which allowed the users to conveniently access and download documents such as company policies, handbooks, payslips and other resources. This helped to enhance the overall employee experience. 

Overall Experience

PayWheel recognized the client’s need for effective automation of numerous HR processes, such as documentation, leave and attendance management, compliance, payroll processing, and optimizing approval workflows. By providing automation solutions, PayWheel helped the client in reducing the need for manual intervention in many tasks. As for the client, instead of sourcing different products and services, PayWheel offered them an integrated HRM solution with all the necessary requirements into a single, user-friendly platform.