The Problem

The client, Curega Healthcare, a Pune-based pharmaceutical company, was dealing with a variety of challenges, including attendance tracking, compliance management, and payroll. The client was facing many challenges in manually managing leave management and salary calculations. The lack of an automated system resulted in errors and inefficiencies in their payroll administration, particularly in complying with income tax regulations. They were looking for an HRMS application capable of addressing all their needs at once. 

The Solution

PayWheel helped to automate the entire HR process, from leave management to salary calculations. The CTC calculator and salary slip generator helped to automate salary calculations and streamline salary payouts, along with generating salary slips. Furthermore, PayWheel also helped to streamline compliance management by offering downloadable forms such as Form 16, Form 12 BA, Form 5A, and Form 24Q, among others, simplifying the process for the company. 

The Result

The PayWheel team first assessed the client requirements and identified their key requirements. PayWheel subsequently addressed their primary issues, which are leave management and salary calculations, while also automating compliance management and salary slip generation. 

  • PayWheel optimized the leave management system by introducing a custom leave policy and combining the leave request and approval processes into a single dashboard. We also customized leave categories and types based on the organizational policy of the client. 
  • We provided a holiday calendar that informs employees about all upcoming general and optional leaves, allowing them to plan their time off and request leave within the ESS portal itself. 
  • The CTC calculator helped to streamline the client payroll management process along with customizable salary and deduction components and batch processing. And the salary slip generator helped the client add components of employee salary to the existing payslip template, enabling the automatic generation and distribution of payslip to employees. 
  • We understood that the client was specifically struggling with compliance management. So PayWheel helped eliminate the manual process and helped the employees with downloadable income tax forms within PayWheel such as Form 16, Form 12 BA, Form 5A, and Form 24Q, as well as automating PT and PF deductions by state, minimizing the risk of compliance errors. 
  • PayWheel also provided the client with reports on ESIC, PF arrears, exit reports, and IT projections. These reports helped the client keep track of incentives and appraisals and monitor their revised salary, which includes any incentives, bonuses, or appraisals. 

Overall Experience

PayWheel successfully automated the entire HR processes of Curega Healthcare, from payroll management, leave and attendance to compliance management. Our custom leave management system helped the client personalize leave policies and simplify request and approval processes, thus improving the overall employee experience. Additionally, we streamlined payroll management with an automated CTC calculator, salary slip generator, and batch processing, making the entire process hassle-free. Furthermore, PayWheel addressed compliance management issues by providing downloadable income tax forms, offering various deduction options within the salary parameters, and generating informative reports. 

“PayWheel works perfectly for our business. They offer a lot of interesting features, particularly their automated attendance and leave management system. They also offer an excellent customer service team that responds promptly to any inquiries or issues we may have with the software.” says the HR executive of Curega Healthcare