Business Intelligence

Informative Reports

PayWheel offers comprehensive and insightful data reports, empowering you with valuable business insights for a deeper understanding of your operations. Get data & insights into employee productivity, payroll compliance, and leave management in easy-to-read dashboard. 

Tally Integration

Effortlessly integrate with common accounting tools such as Tally or utilize multiple import/export options to connect with other systems. 

Employee Management

Effortlessly manage employee details, investment reports, and CTC. 

Employee Productivity

Daily Web Check-In offers a clear view into workforce productivity by analysing employee hours, punch details, and monthly attendance. 


At the heart of informative reports is a cutting-edge data visualization tool. Transforming complex payroll data into visually intuitive reports, you can navigate through intricate details effortlessly. Understand the bigger picture and make informed decisions at a glance, thus enabling a more data-driven approach to your business operations. 

We understand that every business is unique, and so are its reporting needs. With PayWheel’s informative reports, you have the power to tailor reports to your specific requirements. Whether you are interested in diving deep into employee earnings, tax summaries, or time and attendance, our customizable reporting feature ensures you capture and analyse the metrics that matter most to your organization.  

In the dynamic landscape of business, staying ahead requires real-time insights. Our informative reports provide just that, up-to-the-minute analytics that ensures that you are on top of the matters that are critical to your organisation. No more waiting for batch updates or static reports; our real-time analytics empower you with the latest data, supporting agile decision-making and this gives you a competitive edge. 

The complexity of regulatory requirements is made easier with PayWheel’s intuitive reporting module. Our robust compliance tracking capabilities help you stay on top of ever-changing tax and labour regulations. Get insights into your payroll operations and generate specific reports like employee salaries and reimbursements to complete salary reports like Payslips, Pay Register, PT and ESI, Gratuity, Final Settlement, IT Projection, Overtime, Perquisite PF, and Retro Details. 

PayWheel enables users to effortlessly retrieve and present a wide range of leave data. It helps users to view comprehensive information such as leave balance, leave carry forward and holidays. This helps organizations to optimize their workforce and ensure efficient leave management. 

In a world where business moves on the go, accessibility is key. Our informative reports feature is designed with mobile usage in mind. Access critical payroll information anytime, anywhere, with our responsive and user-friendly design. Data being available on the go, ensures flexibility in your decision-making process, whether you’re in the office, home or remotely working. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can use bulk action feature in Paywheel to transfer all the necessary data in bulk. 

The various kind of reports that PayWheel offers include:  

  • Detailed employee profile reports 
  • Attendance Report   
  • Check-in/check-out report 
  • Daily Web check-in report 
  • Leave Balance Report 
  • Leave Detail Report 
  • Pay Register Report 
  • Pay register reconciliation report